5 Blogging DON’Ts to Avoid

I thought I’d share what little bit of blogging wisdom I have, and share five blogging don’ts to avoid. These are all things we all at some point or another have done, or may even do in the future. 

 1.) Don’t Ignore Comments You’ve Received:

I feel this is one of the worst things you can do. Trust me, I get it, we’ve all been there. I’ve been guilty of this, especially the early days of blogging with my first few blogs. I wouldn’t respond. I had no real reason, other than I just wouldn’t. Sometimes, I would just delete the comment, and pretend it never happened. Which is awful, and it makes me cringe thinking about that with my first two blogs. However, I’ve learned now, how important it is to respond to comments. That’s how you connect to your lovely readers and make those great blogging friendships. Plus they didn’t have to comment, but they took 5 minutes out of their busy day and did so.

2.) Don’t Pretend You Live in Candy Land:

When I started this blog, I took about a three-month break at one point to get out of this weird blogging bubble I’d gotten myself trapped in. Know what I found out? I WAS SO ANNOYING. All of my posts were all bubbly, and happy, and you’d never see anything other than that because I felt it wasn’t good enough for my blog. I didn’t want to share my imperfections because I felt like that was showing weakness, and I thought no one would be interested in reading what I had to say if they didn’t think I was perfect. Blogging offers so many amazing things, but the struggle to portray the “perfect blogging life” is one of the negatives. Thankfully, I’ve realized that there can be a balance – I can write a blog that focuses on the healthy and happy without being this annoying sunshiny glitter princess that needs a slap in the face with a chair, and a wake-up call. You can spread positivity while still being real. Throw away the idea of “perfection” out the window and quit comparing your bloopers to everyone else’s highlight real.

3.) Don’t Take Readers For Granted:

When I started blogging, a new subscriber, or a comment on a post would completely make my day. I would get so excited hearing from my lovely readers, and I still feel that way! No matter how much my blog grows, my “stats” continue to grow, or how many new people I reach out to. Because your readers, whether that number is just a few or a few thousand, are taking time out of their busy days to read your blog, and leave a comment. Guess what? THEY, don’t have to do that. No matter how “popular” your blog may be, you’re not entitled to comments and views. People are giving that to you because they care about what you’re sharing, so give back to your readers. Respond to their questions and comments, check out their blogs and give them love and support when you can. They deserve it too, you know.

4.) Don’t Copy Other Bloggers:

If you’re not careful, it can be very easy to start copying a blogger you read on a daily basis, and you may not even completely realize you’re doing so. There’s a fine line – and by fine, I mean very thin line – between finding inspiration in your favorite blogger’s post, and then just taking their work, slightly re-wording it, and then post it. By doing this, you’re not true to yourself, nor your readers, and you’re wasting all of your potential on copying others. So remember, use the inspiration you get from them, but use it to create something new with your touch!

5.) Don’t Hate on Other Bloggers:

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I’ve heard, and seen others bashing other bloggers who they deem “successful,” and trashing a blogger they don’t personally know. Sometimes the hate fest stops at just their blog, and the content on their blog, but sometimes it extends all the way to trashing the blogger’s character. Do you know why people do this? Jealousy. Being jealous of someone, for all the hard work they’ve done, is insane. Does trashing a blogger make you a better person? Better blogger? Does it stop them from being successful? No, it doesn’t, it does the opposite in all honesty. Because that blogger will continue to work hard for what they’ve earned, and you’ll still be left with your demons. So, instead of spending time thinking of nothing but negative thoughts, use that time and energy to work on bettering yourself, and putting time into things you’re passionate about. Learn to be happy for others, and not view their success as your failure – there’s enough room for everyone to be happy, and make their dreams a reality.

Any blogging DON’Ts you have to share?

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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