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With social media being such a major part of everyone’s lives, it can seem like we just can’t get away from photos of ourselves, and that can be hard. There are photos of us out there when we are looking our best and our worst! But if you start to see photos of yourself popping up in your feeds, where you don’t look too good, what can you do? Well, of course, you can look up how to take the perfect selfie on the internet. But that might just be a band-aid over the situation. Use it as inspiration to improve your lifestyle, and get fit and well, so then you’ll look the picture of health in all your photos.

Eating Well

So, unsurprisingly it is important to eat well if you want to feel good and look your best. But what does that actually mean? Does it mean only eating a certain amount of calories a day? Or only certain types of food? Or following a celebrity endorsed diet? Well, it can do, but to look and feel healthy, balance is always better.

Just think, you can eat your calorie allowance in chocolate every day, but is isn’t going to do your body much good! You will be consuming too much fat and sugar, and not enough nutrients to make your skin look healthy, and help your body function in the correct way.

What about doing diets that limit the foods that you are eating? Well, for the most part, this isn’t a good idea either. Professional nutritionists advise that you should eat a broad range of foods, and no one food group should be off on the menu entirely. So all you carb cutters beware!

Of course, one eating plan that might work in this vein is clean eating. As it cuts out all that processed icky stuff and replaces it with healthier, easily digestible alternatives. Many people certainly attribute feeling and looking healthier to eating in this way.

But is is important to remember that even clean eating doesn’t ask you to cut out treats or sweet things completely. It just prompts you to make them in a different way. It is also vital to keep an eye on your overall caloric totals when eating in this way. As too much food, whether it’s healthy or not is still going to cause weight gain.

One the best things you can do in your diet to feel and look healthier is to up your intake of fruits and vegetables. This is because they mix water, fiber, and nutrients to help keep you in tip-top shape.

Also, some folks recommend eating lots of plain yogurt, as it is high in calcium for healthy nails teeth. It is also full of probiotics which help you body digest and detoxify, so that means less bloating and better skin!


A lot of people think that exercise just burns calories, and that are the only way in which it can help you to look and feel better. But this is a very limited view of what moving your body can do for you. The benefits of exercise go way beyond just slimming down.

It is also associated with the release of endorphins which are the happy hormones. As they help you to maintain a positive mood. Remember if you feel good you are much more likely to look good!

Additionally, some exercises like yoga and pilates can help you establish a more mindful connection with your body. This can help you feel more centered and calm in your day to day life. Which in turn will make you feel and look more healthy.


Something else that is important regarding improving how healthy you look and feel is your posture. Your posture is the way in which you stand or sit, and how you hold your body.

It is important because poor posture not only looks bad but can have a negative effect on how you feel as well. For example, a slumped posture, with rounded shoulders limits how much oxygen your lungs can take in. Which then will have a direct effect on how good you feel. Find out more about this at www.normalbreathing.com.

Depression and anxiety are linked to slouched postures, in that they can act as a signal of feeling unwell to the wider world. It is like the person that is slouching is trying to protect themselves. Try adjusting your posture when you know you are having your picture taken. It can also make you feel better as well. So put your shoulders back and stick your chin out!

If you are struggling with your posture there are various things you can do about it. Some folks invest in a posture brace, which helps to retrain their body to stand up straight. Others work hard on their core users in the gym, doing crunches and obliques, so they can easily support the rest of their body in day to day life.

Some folks also chose to do exercises like yoga. As this focuses specifically on postures and developing flexibility and strength. Which in turn can have a very positive effect on our everyday posture.


Your smile also has a lot to do with how healthy you feel and look. Firstly by smiling, we actually release endorphins, even if we don’t feel happy to start with. That means smiling become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It can actually make us feel better when we do it, and when we feel better, we look better.

Also, smiling people often look a lot more healthy and happy, especially in pictures. But what if you are restricted when smiling because you don’t like to show your teeth?

Well, invest in an electric toothbrush and make sure that you use a timer to get a thorough clean. You can also get water flossers now, so there is no excuse not to floss every day. You can even consult the professionals, who can help you smile more without worrying. Visit www.omfsurgery.com for more information.

Hair and Nails

In particular, the look of our hair and nails can demonstrate how healthy we are. Nobody wants split end or flakey nails, especially if you are constantly having your photo taken.

There is a lot of things you can do to improve the areas such as eating certain types of food like lean red meat, which is full of iron. Or you can take supplement designs especially to boost their growth.

You can also fake it to some degree by using products like mousse and conditioner and getting your nails done regularly. But remember nothing beats making healthy changes in your life, and by doing so your hair and nails will look picture perfect, naturally.

What’re Your Thoughts?

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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