Choosing Daily Consumption Wisely For Best Efficiency

Linear Relationships

A lot of people have health trouble because they fail to acknowledge the linear transgression of events. When two and two are put together, they make four. Four and four make eight. If you have a line of dominos stacked close enough, knocking them over will initiate a chain reaction. The same is true pertaining to what you eat.

There’s an old saying: garbage in, garbage out. In a tongue-in-cheek way, echelons of the US military relate this to army infantry; “GIGO” could be “GI-Joe”. Certainly, the Navy has its own reputation as the butt of ridiculous jokes; and don’t forget the chair-force! That’s not the point. The point is, the sentiment of “GIGO” is considerable. If you eat garbage, this will have an impact on your body.

But if you eat good things, this will likewise positively impact your body in a linear fashion over time—positive dominos leading to a brilliant finish, if you will. If you want to have efficiency in everything you do, it’s wise to closely monitor your intake such that you only consume that which is conducive to healthy bodily operations.

Avoiding Bad Sources Of Nutrition

As long as medicine has been a profession, doctors have been saying that the key to health and longevity is a healthy diet and exercise. If you want to flourish, be active and eat right—but this is something easier said than done! There are a lot of “foodstuffs” on the market today which taste great, but which are intrinsically harmful to you.

Cancer is on the rise, and one reason doubtless has to do with products available on the market which are either untested or unreliably tested. Over time, certain junk foods, cosmetics, and energy drinks can lead to medical issues later on.

For example, some energy drinks are implicit in expanding instances of diabetes. This is a likelihood not without plausibility, and you can find a lot of online literature to that effect. A better solution is coffee, or tea; though these also can have negative effects if improperly used. Granted, coffee and tea by themselves will almost always be more healthy than synthetic conglomerations of vitamins and corn syrup. However, you do have to be careful.

Ensure You Do Everything In A Balanced Way

While caffeine is one of the safest stimulants, it’s also the most used psychoactive drug on the planet, and you can overdose. Additionally, you can dehydrate yourself, and you can hurt your metabolism if you’re not careful. These things only happen with extreme use, though; and another consideration is that everything must be done in moderation.

If you eat too many blackberries too quickly, because of their antioxidant properties, you will have a…shall we say… “liquid evacuation” where commonly things would have greater solidity. You wouldn’t generally put yourself in this position with coffee, but sometimes—and here’s the issue—you need that extra jolt of energy. That’s when you put yourself at risk.

The best way around this is to design your coffee such that it is at its absolute best. You want to make it at the right temperature with the right beans and the right machines. Additionally, there are additives that are natural which chemically change the properties of coffee and its effect on your body such that you feel “full”, and you get the energy you’re seeking—you kill two birds with one stone!

Designing A Bulletproof Plan Of Healthy Stimulant Use

Bulletproof coffee is a means of mixing butter with coffee so that metabolic impact is maximized, and energy reaches a peak point of efficiency. When you combine bulletproof coffee techniques with top-tier coffee preparation machines, you can get your perfect energy solutions in a way which is healthy and maximizes personal potential.

If you want to find a wide selection of coffee makers you can use to most effectively round out your coffee making, you can check here for a comprehensive list. The final consideration for maximum efficiency is the establishment of a proper sleep, work, and relaxation schedule which justifies meals with patterns of rest for highest optimization.

Ideally, this is a schedule that is going to help most adults in their prime get the most out of their week safely: awake at six, work out (before or after your coffee), have a healthy and balanced meal, conduct the day’s business, eat once or twice more to the caloric balance of your particular size, and ensure you sleep by midnight.

Take one day off a week where no scheduled requirements hamper you—this is when you can sleep in if you’re feeling a little “behind the eight ball” on sleep. Follow this schedule and you’ll likely get more done and feel less tired. The older you get, the less sleep you’ll need—though not all people will have the same constitution. Wherever you find yourself, if you’re careful to get into a healthy routine, you can maintain peak efficiency nigh-perpetually.

5 Dance-Inspired Moves For a Fit Summer Body

Summer is almost here. Now is the time when we ask ourselves why we had those extra calories all winter. Everyone faces this dilemma. Even dancers, who work at their craft all year must take a serious look at their bodies to determine if there is an area that needs attention.

In this post, we will explain five great dance moves that will help you tone up for your beachwear. Before we do, we must address your shoes. Sneakers for dancers are not the same as sneakers for everyday wear. They look cool, and some are glam and glitter. But these shoes are a tool. They are the tool that will protect your feet and other parts of the body.

Imagine for a moment, you are in the middle of a dance routine. You are using all the muscles in your body for a perfect performance. But, when it is time to turn, your shoes stick to the floor. They do not slide with your body’s momentum. You will be injured. It is a matter of where and to what extent. But, you will be injured.
10-minute pro workout

Benjamin Allen is a professional dancer and choreographer. He has developed a 10-minute work. We will not say it is easy, but there are no complicated steps. Once your body has adjusted, you will be marching toward fitness. These workouts tones and strengthen the legs, thighs, pelvis area. They will also rejuvenate your abs. You will burn a lot of calories, work your abs, leg, backside, and arms. For a video on how to use this workout, click here.

Apple Pickers Arm Toning

Stand with your legs open and even with the shoulders. Extend both arms above your head. Bring your arms down (at the same time) until they are bent at the elbow and you are holding them in a “U” formation.

While you bring your elbows down to a bed, raise your left leg. Your left leg should be raised enough that the knee is almost touching the elbow. Repeat with the right leg. As you get the hang of it, your body will reward you. Continue for 5-10 minutes
.You can work up to that point.

Feet Raised Tummy Tuck

Lay flat on your back (no pillow.) place your arms at each side of your body. Raise both feet about 4-6 inches above the bed. While you are holding your feet off the beds, hold.

This is a great exercise to help you get in shape. You can do this in bed before you get up, or at night before sleep. Or, you can do it on the floor using an exercise mat.

Pull in your stomach as far as you can. Imagine you are trying to get your belly to touch your backbone. Hold this pose to a count of 5. Relax, and then go again. Every day or two you should get stronger and you should add a number. When you have gotten to the number 10, you are doing well

Tip: you can tone your stomach muscles all day. While you are driving, walking, or working pull in your stomach in as far as it will go. Count to then relax. This will tighten your muscles and take inches off your waist.

The Elevator

There is more to having a sexy body than having a flat tummy. When you slip into your bikini, your legs, back, bottom and arms are exposed. The “Elevator” addresses all of these areas.

Stand with your feet apart to the width of your shoulders. This dance move is usually done as part of the choreography, but it is not done repeatedly as you will do for exercise.

You will put all your weight on one leg. Bend the other leg and raise your knee. At the same time lower your chest to try to touch your knee. You will repeat this to a count of 10, or do 5 on each leg and 5 on the other.

Tip: while you are doing this move, the bent leg should never touch the floor.

The Balance

The balance is also known as the “waltz.” It is a three-step combination in which the dancer steps to the side with one foot, lifts onto the ball of the second foot from behind /the ankle, then replaces weight on the ball of the first foot to begin again on the other side. Here is a tutorial for the balance. Please note, with practice you can do this with handstands and forearms.

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