Freshers Flu: Tips To Avoid Getting Sick While At College

It doesn’t matter if it’s the party the entire quad has been talking about for weeks, a date with that special someone you’ve been crushing on since last semester or the night before a big exam- if you’re sick you’re going nowhere. It’s estimated that a good ten percent of incoming students will fall ill in their first few months on campus; missing out on important seminars and great nights out. However, don’t despair as we’ve got a few hints to avoid getting sick at college!

Eat Healthily

The problem with college is that there’s no one there to tell you when to go to bed, what to eat and how often you should be hitting the books instead of the club. The best way to avoid the dreaded lurgy is by having a well-balanced diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, protein and vitamins and minerals. Swap your novelty beer keg for a smoothie maker once in a while, and you’ll start to feel more awake, energetic and concentrate better in class. Don’t neglect your water intake either as hydration is vital, and students who complain of headaches, sore eyes and feeling tired are often not consuming enough water.

Get Plenty Of Exercise

There are tons of activities going on all the time when you’re in college; from cheerleader tryouts, football games, and rowing clubs to baseball, basketball, and soccer. Not to mention having access to free gym equipment, swimming classes, and even a yoga session or two. Yes, it’s hard to tear yourself away from the duvet, Netflix and that multipack of chips; but once you get your sweats on and head out the door it’ll be worth it. Exercise keeps us slim, gives us high self-confidence and helps to fight a range of health issues like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. If you’re already leading a healthy lifestyle, and you do get sick; you’ll also be able to shake off a cough or cold much quicker as well as saving extra money on expensive health insurance alternatives because over time prescriptions, doctors appointments and health checks can get pretty pricey.

Don’t Share Your Stuff

When it comes to communal living; it can be hard to say no if someone asks to borrow a plate, glass or spoon or even ask to have some of your captain crunch.

The problem when you’re living in close proximity is that germs are easily spread; which leads to a bunch of sick students quite quickly. If you do want to share with your roommate; make sure to wash all dishes thoroughly with hot soapy water, use a small blob of hand sanitizer on things like pens, DVD’s and stock up on screen wipes to clean off any fingerprints left on your gadgets.

Students aren’t known for being the cleanest group of people; but try to keep communal areas such as the kitchen and bathroom clean. This is where most tummy bugs, bad stomachs, and unpleasant rashes begin; as not everyone is careful about washing their hands after using the bathroom, getting clean towels, or wiping down surfaces.

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Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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