Benefits Of Blogging: How And Why To Do It

Have you ever considered starting a blog? Maybe you changed your mind because of the time and hard work that goes into it. But what are the benefits, and how do you get them? Blogging can be such a rewarding job! – Here are the benefits of blogging, and why it can be so rewarding…

Attracting an Audience

Blogging is an amazing way to share your stories and experiences with everyone around the world (as long as they use the internet!) If you have your own business, blogging can be a great thing to do as a form of advertising too and meeting your goals.

People tend to like blogs because you’re sharing so much with people, without asking them for anything in return.

If your content is good, then it will pretty much sell itself, but in order to plant the seed, social media is a brilliant platform to get as much recognition as you deserve. Spread the word and ask your friends and family to share your posts. Every little helps.

Building a rapport

When you have a substantial amount of readers, the power you have tends to grow a lot more. Once you already have people interested in what you’re talking about, it will be a lot easier to sell a product or service that you are offering, because they know you already. That’s why building a rapport is key. Make everyone feel cared for and appreciated, just like how they make you feel.

Making money

There are many ways you can make money from your blog, but first, you need a big enough audience otherwise no one will know about you. This is why creating email list building funnels is so important. It will get you subscribers – but then you have to keep them and make sure they’re satisfied enough to stick with you for the long run.

You can make money by promoting other people’s products, selling your own things and even charging subscribers for unlimited access to your blogs.

Organize your mind and grow

When blogging, you will have to learn how to organize everything in your mind, so it’s understandable for your readers. It’s one thing to have all the ideas in your head, but a whole other thing to turn them into something with structure and importance.

If you have to write about a topic that you aren’t too familiar with – do the appropriate research. This isn’t something that you can blag; you have to give out the right information for your readers because they are trustingin you to do so.

Tell your story

One of the best things about being a blogger is the freedom that you have. If there is something that brings you so much joy – write about it as much as you like, and connect yourself with people that share the same interests. And the opposite too – if there is something that really bugs you – tell people about it. It may make a great, comical read, and you’ll be introduced to others that agree with you!

People appreciate honesty, as the media can fade between the truth and a ridiculous exaggeration at times, so just be you.

Your audience may even become future business partners and lifelong friends.

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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