Benefits of Rowing Machine Workouts

A Rowing Machine is really useful to exercise on. This is one of the rare gym equipment that really exercises your entire body in the same routine. Rowing Machines are often favored because they are short in size and can be packed away in the corner to leave more room for other heavier equipment. But rowing is proven to be one of the most effective ways to burn carbs, so don’t push it to the side yet. Here are 7 benefits of Rowing Machine workouts.

Exercise for the Entire Body

Rowing motion involves a huge number of muscles, from all over our body, right from the push the legs and calves have to execute, to the pulling motion your back and shoulders join in with. The machine is pretty safe too. All you have to do is sit on the seat and push yourself out while pulling the weight inward. The seat slides on its own at your pace, which helps maintain a proper posture while exercising and also keeps you from injuring yourself. Oh, and it also keeps your joints safe and free from pain that is not the case with most other exercise machines and contraptions that offer similar benefits.

Great Cardio for Men and Women

Cardio is simply exercise where you aim to get your heartbeat up. If you’re breaking a sweat as your heart is pumping strong, you’re doing cardio right. Rowing is a really good Cardio exercise. Since it involves your entire body, you get to tone the most muscles and take out a lot of fat stored at myriad of locations in your muscle tissue, along with your subcutaneous deposits.

Also, the same machine can be used by both men and women of any fitness level. More on that in the next point.

Adjustable Resistance

When you’re just a beginner to working out, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with a huge weight to conquer. Rowing machines can be adjusted to increase or decrease resistance by users to suit their own fitness level, though setting target a little high is what causes muscle to grow, if that’s something you’d like to have. The adjustable resistance is also beneficial for people with medical issues, like those undergoing physiotherapy after accidents or injuries. Working out on a professional grade machine in such states can give a huge boost to confidence. My physiotherapy friends know how beneficial that can be to someone with affected mobility.

Unbeatable Core Workout

Core refers to your torso, the area encasing the vital organs like your stomach, lungs, heart and others. Rowing being an eclectic combination of push and pull motions, really takes things to the next level. The stretch produced on the core on a rowing machine is pretty intense. This can have benefits for those who’re trying to tone their mid section and back, and they’re nothing short of miraculous. A short 10-20 minute workout, depending upon your fitness level, can really help you keep a check on your waistline, especially if it keeps expanding against your will.

Abs. ‘nuff said!

Everybody seems to want abs these days. And the bitter truth is that you cannot even begin to attempt Ab exercises if you haven’t achieved a proper fat percentage and muscle mass. That’s just how it works; I’m sorry if this disappoints you.

However, if you have been living the fitness life for a while, you just might meet that requirement (consult a fitness trainer for advice). In such case, Rowing machines are great to build those muscles. You won’t see abs pop out soon after (you never do, whatever training regime you adopt), But given how quick it can burn fat and build muscle, you can certainly hope to speed up the arrival of ab definition where your belly once was.

Burning Calories

Cardio routines often burn a lot of carbs. Rowing machine can burn you an impressive 700 calories per hour. This means your average 20 minute cardio session on the machine can score off another neat 200 calories from your chart. For someone looking to lose weight, this can be pretty substantial, given a deficit of 500 calories every day of the week can get you to drop a pound of weight. It is much safer than going on crash diets.

High Intensity Workout in Minutes!

Rowing is a pretty intense workout by itself. Set a proper resistance, and you’ll be taking out a giant number of calories pretty rapidly. A high intensity workout should find itself at the core of every fitness enthusiast’s workout rhythm. Coupled and complemented with isotonic exercises like planking or a little bit of calisthenics, rowing exercises are really sufficient to take care of your health, since they help with so many important parameters like endurance and fatigue tolerance.

What’s more, Rowing Machines aren’t that expensive either. You can score one for a pretty reasonable amount online. It is advantageous because you don’t have to skip a day’s workout if there’s a storm outside or if you wake up late and can’t afford to travel to the gym if you want to get to class or work on time.

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