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Sometimes you don’t belong to the standard blogging niches. Which is where you start creating your own blogging niche. Why? Cause that’s what real creative rebels do. Therefore if you don’t belong to one particular group of blogs AKA cliques, then you do what any outsider does. They join up with all the other outsiders and end up being so much cooler than those in the fancy cliques. Yes, I just compared blogging/bloggers to being in high school, because I think we can all agree it’s quite similar.My motto in life is: “Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be.” Therefore I’m all for being original, and not going with the flow. However, when you don’t fit in a particular group of bloggers, it’s a little challenging out there. The easiest way to explain where you are if you don’t fit in is to compare this to high school. For example:

Beauty bloggers are the cheerleaders. They’re guaranteed to be popular, and everyone wishes they could be them, but let’s be honest when it comes to a smoky eye, we end up looking like a panda most of the time

Fashion bloggers are the mean girls. They’re also guaranteed to be popular, not necessarily a cheerleader because most of the time that’s not where the mean girls are. They’re smart, and everyone is slightly intimidated by them. They pretty much rule the blogging scene.

Fitness/Health bloggers are the jocks. They’re also popular, but not to the extent the other two above are. They exercise almost every day, consume protein powder like an average person consumes chocolate cake.

DIY/Craft bloggers are the super preppy clique. They get on your nerves because they’re just so full of pep. They’re also in yearbook club. However, you’re also a little jealous of them because they’re good at everything.

Lifestyle bloggers are everyone else but may go into one of the above cliques depending on what they mainly focus on.

“Which your blog niche should describe you, because what you write about, you should be genuinely interested in it.

But wait, where are those that have no clique? Well, my dear friend.

You’re an outsider. Whether you’re an outsider for being a geek (which aren’t we all deep down a geek, I know I am.), you live in detention, or you used to be best friends with the captain of the cheer squad, but than the friendship crashed and burned, and so you’ve been thrown to the outside because she rules the school. Whatever the reason is. You don’t quite fit in.

However instead of an outsider because that sounds so lonely. I prefer to call those that don’t have a niche ‘rebels’ because that’s what you are.

What does being a ‘rebel’ mean, though, and what do I do?

It’s quite simple. Be you. Do whatever it is you want. After all, you can’t control a rebel. Lead by example, because we all know rebels have more fun than those in any of the ‘cool kid’ cliques. However, if there is one thing The Breakfast Club taught us, being in whatever group you are assigned is difficult, but no matter what your clique is we’re all not that different after all. To be honest, that movie taught us a million other things besides that, but that’s just one.

Granted, I have like three, not rules, but suggestions for you ‘rebels’. Yes, now I’m like a principal.

#1:  Keep it down to 5-6 categories.
Any more than that, and it starts getting confusing for readers. Any less than 5, and you kind of limit yourself on what you can write about, and that’s no fun, and being boring is not a rebellious trait.

#2: Have a unique voice.
There are so many bloggers out there, writing about so many things, and many writing about the same things in the same way. The number one way to stand out is to write in your own voice. No one has the same voice as you, and that’s precisely the point. Write like your having a conversation with a friend. Use the same language and everything. People will relate to you more if you seem like a human and not a robot.

#3: Have fun, and write.
Many would tell you, content is king (and it is), but if you don’t have much content than it doesn’t look good either. So pick your five-six categories, and write whatever you want that fits into one of those categories. Blogging is supposed to be fun, after all, it’s a creative outlet, and if you don’t enjoy it than your creativity won’t be there. Therefore, just have fun with it.

Are you a rebel? Or are you apart of one of the other clique I described above?

After all “We’re all in this together, once we know, that we are, we’re all stars,” if you know what movie that song is we can be friends.

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.


  1. Hi Ally – as a ‘general’ blogger with an unique voice (I’m told) .. we can build a blog by engaging with others and build a following .. I just enjoying seeing other blogs and thoughts and building those relationships as I go .. love your horse though … cheers Hilary

    • Hey Hilary – I think when it comes down to it, that’s how we all build a following, no matter what “group” we fit into. Thank you, I’m glad, he’s such a little mess, but always willing to pose for the camera.

      Thanks for commenting, Hilary!


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