Dear Birdie

Hey team, I’m sorry for my absence last week, but as you could probably guess by the title. On November 13th… I lost my best friend of twelve years. The past ten days, have been an emotional rollercoaster, and I’m still an emotional wreck who cries at the smallest things. However, I don’t want to write any post before publishing this one. So here’s my post dedicated to the best friend a girl could ever have. Dear Birdie…

Dear Birdie,

I remember when we brought you home. We were looking for a guard dog, and we saw your ad in the newspaper. Thankfully, your rescue home still had you. We were told that out of all the people you had met that day; we were the only ones you came up to on your own… and we knew the second you came up to us, that we were taking you home.

Your life before us had been rough. No one knows what you went through before you were rescued from your old owners. Your rescue family told us you had been beaten by your former owner, and that they attempted to mill you, but you were still the sweetest, and most loving dog in the world despite your past.

I had turned four just a couple of months before we adopted you into our family. You were my first pet, my first best friend, and the one that no matter what could make me smile even when I didn’t want to.

You, and I… we grew up together. We spent many days playing in the pasture, and many nights sharing marshmallows, or hot dogs by the fire during the cold summer, and autumn nights.

I remember painting your nails hot pink when I was six years old; you didn’t seem to mind, plus hot pink looked beautiful against your black fur.

I remember the summer that you were stolen. I woke up one morning, and you were nowhere to be found. I cried for days thinking I would never see you again. We drove the surrounding streets calling your name but never saw you. Then one day… three months later, you came home. You had a different collar on, it wasn’t the one you left with. With one of the neighbors having a history of napping dogs, we later found out it was them.

Or, how about every birthday we shared? We never knew your actual birth date, but we always celebrated our birthday’s together. I would always buy you what I call a “dinosaur” bone, and I’d always share my cake, and ice cream with you.

Or me sneaking you turkey every Thanksgiving. Granted mom and dad I’m sure knew, because we don’t eat the legs of the turkey, but every year they’d go missing after dinner. Not that they ever said anything about it, wasn’t like we were going to eat them.

I would always sneak you a couple of slices from the Christmas ham too.

I remember the many nights we would walk to the barn together to check on the expecting goat and sheep mamas. We would get up, and go every hour, night after night. It’s getting to that time of year again, to start doing that…

Or how excited you would get playing in the snow, running, and jumping all around. It’s supposed to possibly snow this weekend…You comforted me when I had to have my tonsils removed, and then I shared my popsicles with you when I was recovering.

You snuggled with me every day when I was sick because of the salmonella peanut butter outbreak.

You snuggled with me, and let me cry into your fur when I lost Buddy and Charlie.

I was there for you when you cut your leg on tin, when the thunder from storms scared you, the fireworks during the 4th of July or New Years, or when the gunshots from deer season would make you run and hide.

We were always there for each other. Whether to comfort each other or to make each other forget about the pain of an injury.

You were the one that always comforted me when I was hurting, and now that you’re gone… I don’t know what to do.

We spent almost every day of twelve years together. Every day we would play in the yard, any you’d watch me go on my runs in the pasture. Every night you would snuggle up next to me, and most of the time lay on top of me.

In my eyes, you never got older. You were always that young little three-year-old we brought home that would run around the yard with me. Who would wait patiently at the gate waiting for me to get home from school at the gate. The one that would let me snuggle on her stomach while watching Christmas movies every year.Although your last day with us was one that you weren’t able to walk well, caused by something that the vet told us, but I don’t remember.

It was a day I spent sitting on the floor with you, hugging, and telling you how much I love you. Knowing that… later that day I would be sending you back to the angels.

It was a day spent with you that’ll I’ll never forget, because although you couldn’t move around very well, it was a day we spent together snuggling, watching movies, and me sneaking you some of your favorite foods. A day we spent doing things we did on many other days throughout the years.

Plus, this isn’t goodbye. As peter pan said:

“Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away. and going away means forgetting.” – Peter Pan

Because one day, I know we’ll meet at the rainbow bridge.



Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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