Quirky Fitness Ideas For Couch Potatoes

Really hate the gym? If so, don’t worry! You don’t need to torture yourself and drag yourself to your nearest gym each day. In fact, there are plenty of fun and quirky ideas that can help you get fit. So, if you don’t feel particularly motivated you can try one of these super cool fitness ideas for couch potatoes!

Join A Hula Hoop Class

So you may not be a fan of spinning, Pilates, or any other traditional gym class, and I’m sure you’re not on your own! In actual fact, lots of gyms know that there are loads of people who don’t like regular fitness classes, which is why they are now starting to introduce ones that have a fun twist! For instance, hula hoop classes are becoming more and more popular around the world. It’s a great way to get fit with one of your favorite childhood pastimes!

Organize A Color Run

Since 2010, color runs seem to have taken over the country! These unique runs are a great way to boost your fitness and to have some fun with your friends. One of the main features of color runs is that they focus on entrants having run rather than the competitive nature of the race. During the race, non-toxic dry paint is thrown across the runners so that they run through a colorful cloud! This is certainly one race that you will never forget! If you want to organize your own race, you can buy the special color powder from various sites online.

Try Pole Dancing

Did you know that pole dancing actually provides an excellent workout? It’s a great exercise that focuses on your core and helps to keep all your muscles strong and supple. The benefits of this workout were only fully discovered a few years ago, and since then it has exploded onto the fitness scene. There are now lots of classes dotted around the country that range from beginner routines to ones for experts. There are also some classes that include energetic dance sections into the routines for those who want a fantastic aerobic workout.

Get A Mini Trampoline

If your main problem with traditional exercise and fitness classes is that they are too boring, then I have a great alternative for you. Why not treat yourself to a mini trampoline? These are small enough for you to use them in your home, and they offer a great aerobic and core workout. Lots of gyms also hold classes that are all done on these special kinds of trampolines. You’ll be amazed at just how much effort goes into busting some moves on these small trampolines! It won’t take you long to experience all the fitness benefits.

What’re Your Thoughts

As you can see, you don’t have to suffer in the gym if you don’t want to. There are lots of different fitness options for you to try, some of which are super quirky and fun!

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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