Guest Post: 5 Best Foods to Combat Post-Run Inflammation

We’ve all been there: The muscle aches, the joint pains, even the tendonitis. While ibuprofen might be a useful aid to easing the pains associated with running, overly frequent use can actually be damaging.

So let’s go natural and hit up the kitchen. There are a whole range of foods that help battle the causes of post-run pains. Plus, I’m on board with anything you can eat!

Here are 5 of my favourite foods to combat post-run inflammation.

#1 Turmeric

I’m going to kick off this list with one of my favourite detox and anti-inflammatories out there: Turmeric.

Often used in curry, this wonderful spice has properties much more far reaching than just turning food yellow.

One of turmeric’s key ingredients is curcumin, which is a chemical that has been shown to help ease joint swelling and pain. On top of this, it’s been shown to improve wound healing, skin appearance, and arthritis symptoms.

I recommend making turmeric tea on a daily basis, with a little milk, water, and honey.

#2 Celery

That’s right,: Celery, often thought of as “basically just water”, actually contains magic properties (well, not magic, but you know).

Celery’s anti-inflammatory abilities help fight bacterial infections, as well as improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It’s an excellent source of potassium, which helps flush unwanted toxins out of your system.

How to have it? Let’s be a bit more imaginative than making a smoothie or soup and instead use celery as a vessel for dipping into houmous!

#3 Blueberries

When it comes to anti-inflammatories, the flavonoid quercetin is our friend. It’s found in a lot of citrus fruits, but guess what… it’s also found in my favourite fruit: Blueberries. Quercetin has been shown to reduce inflammation so much that it even prevents the gut and colon damage seen in inflammatory diseases.

On top of this, blueberries are an extremely powerful antioxidant, shown to improve memory and mood. Pure brain food.

I like to enjoy them mixed in with a serving of greek yoghurt. It packs a powerful punch, but it leaves me alert and feeling good for the day.

#4 Garlic

Staple in every kitchen, perennial bad breath culprit… it’s garlic. It somehow manages to smell wonderful and disgusting at the same time, but the benefits it has on your body are undoubtedly positive.

Garlic is almost a cure-all when it comes to ailments, from preventing infections to even being an anti-aging agent. It’s rich in anti inflammatory entities that are proven to lower inflammation and increase circulation, like zinc, arginine and phosphorus.

To get the most out of garlic, try to use incorporate a clove it per day in your diet at some point. You can use it in almost any soup, and with any pan fried vegetables.

#5 Broccoli

The ultimate health food. It’s no secret that broccoli would make a welcome addition to any diet, but for an anti-inflammatory diet, it really is key.

Broccolli is rich in both magnesium and potassium, as well as key vitamins. Together these work to relieve stress in the body and battle inflammation. Not only this, but it contains our old buddy quercetin.

It makes a brilliant side to almost any dish, but if you want to be a little bit more imaginative then try making spinach fritters.

What do you use to battle inflammation? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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