How to Give Your Blog an Edge

Having a blog is a tool that we all can make use of nowadays. Many infopreneurs, solopreneurs, or small businesses rely on the power of a blog to help propel themselves or their products into the big leagues. It is a great way on a small scale to generate web traffic, to gather opinions, to communicate ideas, or gain a small cult following. But is there any way we can give our blogs on edge on a limited budget? Especially when there are those that have flashy websites or marketing teams behind them? Here is how to give your blog an edge.

Blogs can be used in one of two ways. Either externally or internally. From the point of view of a company or a small business, internal blogs work to keep businesses informed or up-to-date on issues. They are usually posted using the intranet of the company. External blogs are made for viewing online. If it doesn’t need to be said already, these are seen by the general public. Ultimately, there are pros and cons for each method.

From an external point of view, blog help to give your business (well, you are a commodity after all!) a personal touch. Using blogs helps to keep people up to date on your movements. It is a great way, from a business perspective, to give people an understanding of what your ethos is. This is especially handy if you struggle to give your brand warmth. The more personal your blog, the more human it makes you appear.

Technically, blogs are tailor-made for what is known as search engine algorithms. So if your blog is on the same domain as the one your website is on, the blog will attract web traffic which can then be diverted to the rest of your site.

From a communication standpoint, it’s a great way, if you are selling or promoting a product, you can get an instant dialogue with other people. If you required feedback on anything, it is instant. From a small business perspective, it is also an excellent way to speak to customers.

From an internal viewpoint, such as a small business, a blog helps to unify every different department. Especially if the company is so small that people are working out of their homes. Using this blog as a communication tool makes a regular work newsletter redundant. Using blogs is also a great way to share people’s expertise on certain topics. It is also useful to individuals involved in technical aspects that require up to date information. For example, an update in Cloud software or a new client, such as a web design company or freelancers.

What’re Your Thoughts?

A blog, in many ways, is an incredibly simple tool. It can allow staff or team members a platform to document progress on a project. So if you have thought about getting a blog up and running, in many ways, it is common sense. As it give your business a human touch, and it is also a great marketing tool! Get blogging!

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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