How to Set Blogging Goals

With Friday being the new year I wanted to talk about setting blogging goals. Not resolutions for your blog, but goals. For some odd reason, I believe that unless you make it a goal, you’ll never achieve it. Maybe that’s just me, comment below letting me know your thoughts on resolutions vs. goals. Back to the point of this post. Setting goals is an important part of everyone’s life, no matter your age, geographical location, it’s something we all should, and need to do. Here’s how to set blogging goals.No matter your age, where you live, or any other factor, goal setting can be a bit of a task. Mainly due to it requiring a bit of responsibility – which isn’t fun #adulting. Meanwhile because of how fast-paced our lives are the desire to reach for the sky, aim for the stars, etc. it’s just about unavoidable!

When you start on the journey of achieving your goals and dreams you can quickly become frustrated, because they’re so hard to reach. Sound familiar?

Which is why I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to plan ahead and set high goals like… being at the top of your industry, becoming an Instagram star, a successful blogger with a world-famous company sending you personal invitations to a huge event, or getting a big time job. One thing to remember, is those things take time, patience, and many other things.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my two years of blogging on here, it’s that dreams don’t work unless you do, but you’ve also got to set goals to reach those dreams. Plus, you need to take baby-steps to make the goal in the end.

Unless you set a realistic goal, your efforts will seem pointless, and won’t pay off

Due to the digital world we live in, we’ve become used to obtaining things immediately. Need to look up information for that 5-page essay for school, Google it. Want to know where to buy a certain item look it up on Amazon, buy it, and receive it within a couple of days. So when something takes some time to obtain, we become frustrated, angry, and disappointed.

Here’s a great way of putting it:

Imagine for an entire month you stuck with an exercise program to finally get that chiseled six pack. The month goes by, and on the 31st day you run to the mirror, and notice no difference. Granted on day 30, the exercises were easier to do, but exercise takes times out your day. You didn’t see a to-die-for six pack, and because of not receiving the results you wanted you decided to quit. Believing that you gave it your all.

Not taking into account that maybe you skipped a day here and there, that you added the exercise but didn’t clean up your diet, or that getting a six pack takes more than 30 days.

Great things take time and overall patience. Although even the most patient person in the world can’t work day and night towards a goal without even the smallest progress. Which leaves us with the question – what can we do to reach our goals? Want that six-pack, a successful business, that promotion, or a #goals Instagram account?  Then you’ve got to set realistic goals.

Why you need to set a realistic goal to achieve your dream goal

Want I want you to do is step away for a minute, and look at the situation from an entirely new and different perspective. Essentially think of it as a track, you can take the outside lane, and take longer and run more distance to reach your goal, or take the inside lane and make it around the track in less time and distance. Do you want to take the scenic route, or do want to take the short-cut? Just ask yourself these questions:

  •  How long would it take to achieve my goal? Overnight successes don’t happen overnight, so if you’re dreaming of one day being at the top of the industry, you’re going to have to reach the peak of the mountain just like those top people in that industry. If you have no clue how long this might take, look at their path to success to get a vague idea of the time you’ll need to invest.
  • What are the “milestones” on the road to your goal? What are the baby-steps you need to take to reach your dream goal? If you want to have 10,000 page views a month, but you’re just starting out, you need to aim for 500, then 1000, then 1500, etc. Those numbers are milestones that push you forward. Keep in mind that when you get stuck on 1500 page views that you didn’t start with 1500 page views, you earned it, because you started with none.

Now that you know exactly where you want to go, write your goal down, list the milestones you’ve just come up with. Remember, never give up on your dreams, no matter how big, or impossible they seem. It’s okay to divide them into smaller goals and achieve them bit by bit.

5 Tips for Being “Reasonable” With Your Goals

  • Make sure you’re specific with your goal! Avoid words like “try,” “aspire,” and other words of uncertainty. Don’t give yourself an excuse for failure, before you’ve even started. Be firm with your goals, and use words/phrases of certainty.
  • Make sure you can measure your goals: be as straightforward as possible when setting goals. Make a list of requirements, just like how you order food at a restaurant (you specify if you want no mustard or ketchup on the burger, or how you want your steak cooked). If you want to build that following, write down the number that would make you feel accomplished, and like you achieved your goal. If you want that six-pack, then admit that only doing crunches isn’t enough.
  • Make reasonable goals. Don’t cast your net so wide that you can’t reach it. Go for small, but constant effort. Break them down into bite size pieces, giving you something to do each month, and keep track of what you’ve already done.
  • Make your goals relevant: Does your goal complement your lifestyle? If it doesn’t are you prepared to change to fulfill your goal? Draw your line in the sand marking where you’re not willing to go. Are you restricted by money, space, or time? Be real and imagine what your life would be like if you worked towards the thing you want.
  • Put deadlines with your goal! By creating a deadline, you get a sense of accomplishment when you finish and achieve it. Meaning when you’re done, you can celebrate!

It’s time to refocus things on to stuff you can do to work towards your goal. Remember overnight successes don’t happen overnight. You have to work for it, put hours into it, and most importantly not give up before you even try. Lack of determination can kill a great idea before it even has a chance.

What’re your thoughts?

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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