Life Lessons: The Virtue & Values Of Temperance

As we grow older and become more responsible people, it becomes imperative to start imbuing our lives with a sense of responsibility that will allow us to stay on form with our daily lives and schedules. Making sure that we keep a select and important range of life virtues close to heart doesn’t only make our lives more respectable, but they make them easier to live. Just think about it. Pretend you have the task of sailing over a great lake, and the lake will take you on average 80 years to get through. Obviously, what matters in that time frame will be the journey, not the end itself, lest you go mad with your free time.


To make it from one end of the other with the most peace, stability and room for growth requires a vessel that is strong, sturdy and won’t let the water in as easily as weaker boats. As such, you would probably want to craft the boat that will help you overcome this journey, and help you identify the positives and limit the positives during the whole process, to make it worth it. You would be tempted to build this vessel as strong as it could be even if you had to place plenty of effort towards this task. It’s likely you would maintain this boat as you travelled, making sure that everything glued together well and that moment of disrepair were adequately attended to.


Why should you be any different? Why should your thoughts, personality and emotion be any different? Of course, living life as a strong vessel is not always the best or most possible option to take, and in order to stay human we must humanize ourselves more and more with each passing day. Sometimes that means letting the water in. However, this ebb and flow of weakness and strength can be emphasized in one of the most important character virtues you can instil in yourself:




The virtues of temperance are numerous. It will help you keep yourself in check, to know that sometimes, a small quantity of patience and reigning yourself in can lead to long-term results.  It will help you establish your own method of making it through the most difficult circumstances life has to offer because you will already have trained yourself in the art of understanding how to best proceed no matter what.


Temperance will allow you to steer clear from getting too hooked on substances or easy methods of feeling well, even those that are given to you to prescription and are easy to fall into a habit with. Temperance can also be the inner strength to put aside your daily responsibilities and embed your friend struggling with these issues himself in a 24 hour treatment center expressly designed to help them overcome issues where you friendly guidance can’t help rectify.


Temperance is the value of being there, but keeping to yourself. It is the ultimate balancing tool, and the most useful you can have. Temperance is the ability to keep your ship strong, but to glide with the water, and not against it.


Use temperance in all areas of your life, and your life will be imbued with extra meaning as a consequence.


Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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