Guest Post: Lifestyle Hacks for Better Productivity

While being drenched in work, we tend to forget about our personal health issues which makes us tired at work and home. Due to the feeling of fatigue, we start procrastinating things and start finding reasons to avoid it; even though it’s important. It all happens due to a lack of productivity which is an outcome of low self-analysis, body care, and tiredness. So come on folks let’s take a look at five life-changing lifestyle hacks for productivity given below; which if implemented in your daily life could make your lifestyle better than before.

1. Stay Hydrated Always

Being hydrated helps keep our body working because if we don’t drink water; we will lose our energy and it would result in dizziness after some time. So drink an ample amount of water each day; as it helps to keep our brain active and working with full creativity.

If you feel thirsty but don’t want to drink water; you can drink juice or fruit infused water kept in an infuser water bottle, but be careful of aerated drinks; as they add lots of unwanted fat and sugar in the body which is unhealthy and leads to lots of problems later like obesity, diabetes, etc.

2. Use Smart Applications

To stay productive at work without getting tired while walking from different tables to cabinets for distributing files and conducting instant meetings with your co-workers and other employees. It’s essential for you to make use of workflow apps like slack, Trello, Wrike, basecamp, imessage on pc, asana, etc.; to stay productive and active without losing site of what’s going on with your team members.

The advantages of using these apps are that you can stay connected with your team at home without going to the office; as it would help you to work from home or a different part of the world with your team, incase of an urgent meeting, or when you need to give time to your family at home.

Start using productivity apps to make your work life easy and flexible.

3. Follow a Workout Routine

Daily exercise routines are very important for living a happy and healthy life. It helps you have a clear focus in mind for work and life. If you start doing daily exercise even for 20-30 minutes; you will feel active throughout the day without any feeling of tiredness. Which will help you do all the household chores and office work with an active mind and body full of zeal to learn and do something better each day.

Start going running in the morning each day or join a gym in your locality to do some action packed exercise on machines; like Elliptical Trainers, Spin Bike, Rowing Machines, etc. But if you don’t have time to go to the gym then you can set up a mini gym at home or do exercises and yoga that do not require any machines; and still see some massive changes from day 1 in your mood and active body state throughout the day.

4. Take Short Naps

It’s a proven fact that if you get dizzy eyes and a tired mind, then you can’t work with full creativity and tend to lose sight of your work which makes you get irritated at some things. So to stay focused at your workplace or at home; it’s highly advised to take 20-30 minutes of naps. As it would help you get back in your creative mind state to get your work going with full productivity.

Short power naps have lots of benefits for everyone; that’s the reason companies like google, oracle, and more have set up nap pods in their offices for employees to take short naps whenever they feel tired to give their best at work without getting bored, frustrated, or irritated due to lack of sleep and work pressure.

5. Eat Healthy and Nutritious Food

It’s always advised to eat healthy food and avoid junk food and there is a reason behind it. Although junk food may taste good; it adds lots of unwanted sugars and unsaturated fats to your body which take a lot of time for digestion and increase your chances of obesity in the long run thus hammering your body structure besides weakening your body’s immune system.

Try eating a light breakfast with veggies, milk pancakes, fruit juice, dry fruits, etc.; to see the difference in yourself the first day of trying this healthy diet as it would keep your mind and body active without adding lots of unwanted fats to your body.

I hope you liked our hacks which will help you ramp up your work life balance and perform with full productivity and creativity at home and work to lead your path of success to Acme and live a healthy and blissful life ahead.

If you liked our collection of productivity tips, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family too; as it would help them become as healthy and productive as you.

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