Guest Post: Don’t Fit the Dress, Make the Dress Fit You

The holidays have stealthy found their way into our homes, so let the parties commence!

“What am I going to wear?” is the frantic question asked when thinking about walking into that party. Whether it is the trend or the qualms we have about our body; there is always something to stress about when searching for that “perfect” outfit to bring us into a new chapter in our lives.Looking through our closets no longer becomes an option, because we suddenly have absolutely nothing to wear and nothing that will fit!

We peruse fashion websites to figure out what’s trendy for NYE and absolutely nothing catches our eye; either because “it’s just not my style,” or the right silhouette. We feel like we probably will have to wear it because it’s what everyone is doing or “it’s just what fits… I guess,” but we know it will make for a night that we would rather forget.

The quick fixes become urgent as we rush to the gym—now seven times a week; in hopes that we will drop those “winter pounds.” We go on that fast acting “diet” that will help us shed the pounds, and fit into that NYE dress!

We think to ourselves, “why?” Why do we focus on the superficialities; instead of allowing ourselves to embrace what makes us feel confident and empowered in our own skin?

This joyous time that is meant to bring us cheer shouldn’t be about squeezing into that skintight dress or being the trendy girl at the party. It’s about enjoying the holidays and being thankful for the people and occurrences in life that have helped us to become happy in our mind, body, and soul.

When looking for that “perfect” outfit that will accompany us when ringing in the New Year. We should think about the memories it will bring; when we open our closets again and have flashbacks of that amazing party with our closest friends and family. How it made us feel when were on the dance floor and toasting to anyone in sight!

Whether it is something we already own, or we’ve decided to purchase; the key is to make it a piece that fits us, not the other way around. This is our chance to make 2017 the year of what we choose to be for ourselves. At the end of the day, we all deserve to feel good, and look good while doing it! Which is why you shouldn’t fit the dress, make the dress fit you.

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