Need A Fitter Body? Ask Your Brain For Help!

There is an attitude that some people in life are thinkers, and some are do-ers. The first group will know, in detail, how and why they should do certain things, and be able to compare different ways of doing them. The second will not pay so much attention to the theory, to the finer details of doing something. They’ll just get on with it, so the idea goes.

Now, there is some merit to a pro-active approach. Enthusiasm should be encouraged.

But think for a moment. Extend that idea to its logical extreme. If you tore your knee ligaments and needed surgery, would you want a surgeon who had studied the knee and its component parts in painstaking detail? Or would you want some guy who was confident and ready to make a difference, and had bought his own scalpel on eBay?

The point I’m making, as you have probably figured out, is that there is a balance to be made. And with physical fitness, although enthusiasm is essential, it can be more effective if you balance it with some knowledge. Here are some tips if you need a fitter body.

Dismiss Fads, But Figure Out What A Fad Is…

Barely a week goes by without another diet, or a new exercise regime, being talked about as the new weight loss miracle. Now, by this stage, we’re all a little skeptical about such ideas. We’ve seen so many diets that are here today and gone tomorrow, and are well past the point of fatigue with “miracles.”

What you need to do is separate the fads from the facts. It doesn’t take too much reading to find out how to burn belly fat, and pick the right foods to stop more going on. Ally this knowledge to your own enthusiasm, and you have a strong basis for a fitness regime.

Understand The Importance Of Timing

There is no shortage of people who start a gym regime and keep at it for weeks; only to start losing interest when they don’t get immediate results. Sometimes, you won’t see stunning gym progress for a few weeks. The body needs to make its adjustments.

If you drop your calorie count too low, you’re not going to see weight loss because your body will freak out and hold onto every ounce of fat it can. No matter how much you run, after a certain point, it will hold on to extra pounds like they’re the elixir of life.

It’s A Complex Formula, Not Just An A-B=C

The received wisdom of healthy living is that if you eat a calorie controlled diet (A) and do enough exercise (B), you’ll reach a target weight (C). In truth, the formula is much more complicated than that, and you’ll be halfway through the alphabet if you stop to think of every factor.

For example, you can follow the above formula and not see results because your hormones are out of balance. This happens to a lot of people for any number of reasons. If you’re taking a particular medication, that may also affect your results. If either of these is the case; you may need to take supplements or change medications before you see results in the gym. So don’t lose hope – there’s always more you can try!

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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