• The Three Types Of Fitness

    When we talk about fitness, we have a tendency to use the word as a catch-all. Just fitness. While that’s useful – and we can all generally agree on the difference between being fit and not being so – it’s also a little too vague for anyone who is serious about getting their body into shape. If you want to… — Read More —

    The Three Types Of Fitness
  • Are You Burning out Without Even Knowing It?

    When you first started working out, you probably thought about staying in the gym for as long as possible, until your muscles wore out and until you couldn’t possibly move anymore. That burning feeling probably gave you a great sense of accomplishment and you most likely went home with a big smile on your face. However, come the next session,… — Read More —

    Are You Burning out Without Even Knowing It?
  • 5 Simple Ways to Get Your Beach Body

    We all want to look fabulous in our bikinis and swim costumes, but how do we do it? Sometimes it can be hard to maintain a rigorous diet, especially if you have a busy schedule to work around. No more confusion, because here are just a few simple tips on how to get that sexy body for this summer. Walk… — Read More —

    5 Simple Ways to Get Your Beach Body
  • The Struggle Of Staying Healthy

    No one embarks on a fitness program with the view that they’ll ever end up back where they started. You take a breath and begin counting calories, eating healthily, or start a gym routine and when you do it you do it with the best intentions. Than watch the pounds fall off and the inches shrink away all due to your… — Read More —

    The Struggle Of Staying Healthy
  • Kick-Start Your Fitness Plan The Right Way

    Every day, countless people around the world resolve to finally drop all the excuses, and start exercising in a more regimented and efficient way. If you want to build muscle or improve your overall fitness, you need to have a clear idea of what you’re getting into, and avoid overextending yourself or taking things too slow. Here are some of the… — Read More —

    Kick-Start Your Fitness Plan The Right Way

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10 Mistakes Runners Make

Whether you’re a newbie or an elite runner, sometimes running can be hard. You have your running shoes laced up, a killer Spotify playlist ready to go, and determined to conquer a tough workout with many benefits. Your form, mental state, and certain running techniques can set you up for success, but others can take you down a wrong path….

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5 Reasons Your Waist is Getting Bigger

Hey lovelies, as summer gets closer, and the pool is calling your name, I thought we’d talk about that area that most women – and men too – hate… Their stomach. The area that many of us carry extra fat in, and that’s okay because today I’m letting you in on some information as to why you may have that…

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Guest Post : Being Gluten-Free in The UK

Hey lovelies, I’m really excited about today’s post! Today we have Nikki, from Sparkles at Midnight, guest blogging about what it’s like to be gluten-free in the UK. For those of you who don’t know, I’m gluten-free myself, and have been diagnosed with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. So Nikki, and I collaborated on this, and here’s her post on what she…

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How I Gained My Confidence Back After an Injury

Can I be completely honest with you? I’ve been back to training for three months now, after my injury, and then my break on my terms. However, despite training for three months now, I’ve only within the past two weeks started gaining my confidence back. So, if you’re currently going through this process, know someone going through it, or just…

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Guest Post: 4 Simple Steps to Spring Cleaning Inside Out

Hey lovelies, Happy Friday! Now, I don’t know if you noticed or not, and it would’ve been hard not to, but yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. Despite the fact that my family doesn’t celebrate the 5th of May, I know many of you probably do. Which is why I’m excited to have Sophia guest post today and talk about simple…

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How to Find Your Running Stride

I’m officially announcing/releasing part one of my Love to Run Program. This program is an in-depth program to help you become a better, stronger, and more confident runner the correct way. No cheating your way to success, this is putting in the work it takes to become the runner you want to become. So, naturally, I wanted to talk about…

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3 Tips For Cross Training

A common mistake I see many people make is that they don’t cross-train. I get it; it’s not fun, but it’s super important. For example, if you’re a runner, you obviously need strong legs, but you also need a strong core, strong glutes, and even strong arms. Which is why even though running is great, it shouldn’t be all that you…

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5 Tips to Build Up Your Stamina

Recently I’ve been trying to build my stamina back up, and so far… it’s been pretty easy. A challenge of course, but compared to past years of returning post-injury, it hasn’t been as hard. Before it was a lot of trial and error, but I’ve finally figured out what works best for me. Which translates to clocking better times than…

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Happy National Nap Day

Hey, lovelies, happy National Nap Day! Sorta… It’s the 14th, but we’re celebrating it early because we’re rebels, and that’s what rebels do. Granted we’re boring rebels by celebrating National Nap Day early, but still… I’m a rebel, not a criminal. Where was I going with this? Anyway, napping has a lot of benefits, and not just benefits that your…

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Why I Didn’t Exercise For a Month

In the event, you think you misread the title, or I messed up when typing it… the title is correct, I went an entire month without exercising. Not because I was injured, not because I was dealing with any ailments, not because I was sick. I did it on my terms. Now before you call a psychiatrist, let me explain….

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