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Guest Post: When Training Too Hard Becomes Dangerous

Regular workouts are one of the best habits you can arm yourself with today to ensure a healthy tomorrow. Nevertheless, training too hard can be even worse than not training at all; it can lead to post-workout muscle soreness, lengthy recovery, injuries, and even muscle mass loss. The overtraining syndrome occurs in both professional athletes and recreational fitness fanatics; which…

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Keen To Lose Weight? Why It’s Time To Ignore Those Drop A Dress Size Ads

Have you put on a few pounds? Have you wanted to lose weight for ages? Are you unhappy with your size? Do you wish you felt more comfortable in your skin? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you may have searched online for dieting tips. What did you find? Probably hundreds of adverts and articles claiming to help you…

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Guest Post: 5 Skin Care Tips For Athletes

Sweat, blisters, and cuts and scrapes–the common issues that athletes find themselves facing on a regular basis, which can ultimately lead to acne and even skin infection. So the question is, “Are there any skin care solutions for these athletic individuals to help treat the adverse effects of these regular occurrences?” Fortunately, there is, and here are five practical skin…

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Eating at Restaurants While Still Being Healthy- Can It Be Done?

Just because you’re living a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. When friends, family, and colleagues invite you out for dinner- you don’t have to turn down the offer immediately! Regardless of what kinds of foods your plan involves, there are plenty of ways you can still dine out with friends without going…

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Ditch The Scales! There Are Better Ways To Track Your Fitness

Whether you’re losing weight or training for a competition, fitness tracking is essential. Monitoring your progress can encourage improvement and help you get better results. It also makes it easier to highlight patterns and change your fitness regime and diet accordingly. Without any form of tracking, you’re more likely to stop pushing yourself and eventually give up altogether. While weighing…

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The Shocking Dangers of Tobacco

The dangers of tobacco are well known. Like tobacco damages the lungs and causes cancer, but did you know there is a whole host of other health issues resulting from traditional cigarettes too? Quitting smoking is an excellent way to regain your health, and providing you stop soon enough your body should recover to almost that of a non-smoker’s within a…

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Running With vs Without Music

No matter the race or running path, you will often see more runners than not wearing headphones. Runners without are known as “purists,” and believe that being aware of your surrounding is an essential part of the sport, but there’s a subculture of runners that couldn’t imagine a run without their motivational playlist. Which is why today we’re focusing on…

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Where People Go Wrong With Exercising That Leads To Injuries

It’s always a great step when you decide you want to exercise more in your life. After all, exercise is one of the best ways to keep our body at a healthy weight. It’s recommended that we do at least 20-30 minutes of exercise a day to stay healthy. However, before you rush off and do exercise, you need to…

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