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Guest Post: 5 Steps to Start Your Successful Workout After a Long Break

You’ve been doing so great with your fitness program and then – life happened. You started skipping the gym and didn’t care about healthy nutrition anymore. You’ve changed your priorities in life and lost motivation along the way. Maybe something else prevented you from working out: perhaps you’ve been ill for a while, or got injured or became a parent….

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The Horrors Of Low Blood Sugar And How To Overcome It

Anyone who works out regularly knows that hunger can seriously affect performance. Of course, hunger is just the start of much bigger distractions to your workout. And if it turns to low blood sugar, you’ll have no choice but to stop. Some runners call it ‘the wall’ when they’re running long distances like marathons. There are lots of names for…

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So You Think You Are Healthy? Here’s Where You Might Be Going Wrong

Many of us have a focus on healthy eating. We like to look and feel our best. But for some of us we are doing the whole healthy eating thing wrong. This is because there are many things we have believed over the years that aren’t factual anymore. Or perhaps you just think something is healthy when in fact it…

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Guest Post: Best Multi-Tasking Beauty Products for Busy Girls

With it being 2016, almost every girl is busy in one way or another. Maybe it’s school, work, family, friends, or whatever else, but there’s always something that needs to be done. If you’re anything like me, from the time I wake up to the when my head hits the pillow I’m working on something. Which is why I’m glad…

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Three Keys Of Staying Fit Even When You Can’t Hit The Gym

Exercise is more important than gym going. Regardless of what size or shape you are, we should all be trying to introduce a bit more fitness into our lives. Not for any body-shaming related reasons but for the simple fact that it’s a vital part of staying healthy. This doesn’t change if you don’t have the money or the time…

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Fitness At Home: Get Fit Without Leaving The House

You don’t have to sign up for the gym to get fit. After all, that can get expensive quick, and many people get bored with going after a few weeks. And that will lead to a wasted membership! In fact, one of the best places to start to achieve your fitness goals is right in your very own home. There…

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Summer is Here! 5 Ways To Keep Your Feet Protected

Summer is fully upon us, and now that the sun is shining just a little bit more, we’ll be getting outside on a regular basis. During this time, your feet are going to take a pounding. They’ll be dealing with copious amounts of walking and heat blaring down on them. It doesn’t seem like anything to worry about until you’re…

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5 Tips To Help Your Body Cope With A Sports Injury

It’s no secret that I’ve had multiple sports injuries; it comes with being a trail runner. Anything from a stress fractured ankle to plantar fasciitis, and the common shin splints. I’ve dealt with just about everything. With us getting into the middle of the running season, and pre-season for many other sports, I figured I’d write some tips to cope…

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What You Don’t Know About Pre-Workout Supplements

The number one reason anyone takes a pre-workout supplement is that they like what the supplement is claiming to do. To help you get the most out of the time you’re spending in the gym, or the most out of your run, by increasing your energy levels, muscle power, and endurance during your workout, but have you ever looked to see…

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