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Small Changes For a Healthier Lifestyle

I know how daunting a healthier lifestyle can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Which is why I made a list of 10 small changes for a healthier lifestyle that hopefully can make it seem a whole lot easier.

Creating Your Own Blogging Niche

Sometimes you don’t belong to the standard blogging niches. Which is where you start creating your own blogging niche. Why? Cause that’s what real creative rebels do. Therefore if you don’t belong to one particular group of blogs AKA cliques, then you do what any outsider does. They join up with all the other outsiders and end up being so…

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Fat-shaming and Skinny-shaming, Neither is Okay

The other day my mom and I were listening to the radio, and All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor came on. Somehow not even half way through the song my mom and I started talking about body-shaming. However, she was on the defense of what society calls “fat-shaming,” and I was on the defending side of the almost unheard…

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