Quitting Smoking Could Be The Best Health Decision You Make

Smoking is one of those habits that many people can’t seem to kick to the curb. But did you know that one in five deaths that take place in the United States is a result of smoking? Which is a scary fact! However, we all know that this vice can be fatal and can be the leading cause of cancer in later life. Not only that, but it also has an impact on our everyday lives by causing us to feel short of breath, and can even affect us cosmetically.

There aren’t many pros to smoking, but yet people still choose to do it because if it’s addictive nature. Being in January means everyone is pumped for the new year ahead, and one of the things a lot of people like to do is change something. Smoking could be one of those things you change. It’s not too late to quit smoking for good, so I thought I would share with you some tips on quitting smoking. It could be one of the best health decisions you make.

Just Stop

Sometimes people have the will just to stop, and that can be all it takes. When they make that decision, they can just stop doing something. It commonly referred to as going cold turkey. You make that decision to stop smoking, and you never buy another cigarette again. This particular method requires a lot of support, though, so if you have a good network around you make sure they are fully on board. Those first few days and weeks will be hard. But many people go on to have huge success in quitting for good, once that initial hurdle is managed.

Start Using Vapors

If you are not quite ready to stop smoking completely then a method that many people turn to is vaping and the use of e-cigarettes. You can obtain electronic cigarettes and vaping tools quite easily these days. Enabling it to be a viable option on your quitting journey. However, as much as it is a readily available option to you, many people would state that they don’t know much about it. So get the vape 101 online and build up your knowledge. It could be the best step you take.

Try Nicotine Patches

If the habit is more to do with holding something or using your hands, then you may not want to continue feeding it. So nicotine patches could be an alternative option for you to consider. It enables you to slowly wean yourself off the addictive element of smoking once and for all in a controlled manner.

Think About Alternative Therapies

If you happen to be a little open minded. Then there could be a few other things you could consider to help you kick the habit for good. One possible option would be hypnosis, where you train your mind to believe that you know longer need the substance.

Exercise and a Lifestyle Change

Finally, there is no better remedy than exercise and changing your lifestyle as a whole. Choosing a healthier approach to living your days by enjoying a balanced diet, getting regular exercise and keeping your body hydrated with water.

What’re Your Thoughts?

I hope these tips help you quit smoking for good this year.

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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