Here’s Why Running Should Be A Core Part Of Training For Any Sport You Love

We all know the importance of staying physically active. Sports are a good way to become more motivated and interested in physical fitness. And they offer a great way to increase your social circle too! Are you serious about your sport? Chances are you have a gym routine that focuses on the muscle groups that you need to develop for that particular sport. Tennis players may spend time on their arm rotations. Basketball players may work on their knee and ankle areas. But did you know that running can offer a lot of hidden extras when it comes to developing your fitness for sport? Which is why running should be a core part of training, no matter what sport you partake in.


Ninety minutes of running can seem like a lot. Much of the training for soccer focuses on the ball skills. As runners, we have the stamina and the technique to go all-out even when we’ve been on the go for over an hour. If you like cross country running, chances are you’ve been developing the flexibility and strength in your ankles and quads. This can support the complex movements a soccer player may need. So if you love soccer, take an extra run this week.

Martial Arts

A lot of the work you do for martial arts is about robust and rapid movements of the limbs. Breath control is essential. This is where running can help. Runners learn to master their breathing to keep them comfortable at different speeds and gradients. And when it comes to more physically demanding sports like Jiu Jitsu, you need the power you have developed in your lower limbs from running.


This is a tough and physical sport to be involved in. You need your eye on so many different players as well as the football. You need speed to evade your opponent, and you need to be able to dig deep by the end of a long game. Running provides the mental focus you need. It may be more rhythmic than you might experience in a football game. But when it comes to team work, this could be highly beneficial.


Many of us think of upper arm strength and keen vision as essential skills for this popular sport. But without the speed and coordination to run at speed, you’re not likely to catch the ball before it hits the ground or gets around the bases in time. There are also times when you are sat around waiting to bat. As runners, we often perform a lot of stretches and warm-up movements that prepare the body for activity. This can help a lot when you’re anxiously waiting on the bench!


Much of the speed from swimming comes from the legs. Runners also use their legs for speed and power. But the arms are also working hard when you’re running. They are driving you on and powering you through. They support your balance and coordination. And they make sure your core and posture are well placed to help your breathing become efficient. All these skills are essential to swimming too. So go on – get out for a run!

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Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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