Should My Daughter Get a Permanent Bottom Retainer?

If your daughter is done wearing braces, you are likely pleased with her beautiful, new smile. Unfortunately, orthodontic treatment doesn’t end once her braces are removed. Your daughter will likely be required to wear a retainer to keep her teeth looking fabulous and prevent them from shifting back into their original position.

Since the bottom six teeth at the front of the mouth are particularly susceptible to shifting, it’s essential that your daughter adheres to her orthodontist’s instructions for wearing a retainer. If you are concerned that she’ll have a tough time wearing a removable retainer, a permanent bottom retainer may be the ideal solution.

A permanent bottom retainer can make life easier for your daughter and ensure that her teeth remain in their new position. Your daughter won’t have to worry about remembering her retainer when she’s sleeping over a friend’s house or traveling. When she goes to a restaurant, she can thoroughly enjoy her meal without having to take her retainer out and being afraid of forgetting it or accidentally tossing it in the trash.

A permanent bottom retainer will allow your daughter’s retainer to be out of sight and out of mind. Your daughter won’t have to think about her retainer or do anything to care for it. She can go about her regular routine while keeping her teeth in their optimal condition.

By investing in a permanent bottom retainer for your daughter, you can ensure that all the money and time you spent on straightening her teeth does not go to waste. For further information about bottom retainers, contact Sims Orthodontics.

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