Stop Complaining And Stay Comfortable As You Work Out

Do you work out and complain the whole time? Being comfortable as you work out is more than possible, and is so much safer. Use the following info to make sure you can stay comfortable as you work out, and stop complaining for good!

Never Neglect To Check Your Form

If you’re uncomfortable as you workout, it might very well be because your form is off. Maybe your knees are going over your toes as you squat or lunge. Maybe you’re not quite in the right position. If you neglect to check your form, you could end up with injuries, lose your range of motion, and all sorts. Make sure your form is as good as it can be all the way through each set. This is why so many people do their exercises in the mirror. Watch a Youtube tutorial if you’re unsure!

Find The Perfect Pair Of Shoes

The right shoes are essential for staying comfortable as you work out. Think about it; if you try to go for a run in a pair of Converse, you’re going to be uncomfortable. You can buy shoes that are great for all types of workouts, so if you do a mixture, they might be best for you. Try some on in the shop so you can decide before you buy. You want a pair that will last a long time!

Make Sure Your Outfit Isn’t Hazardous

Have you considered that your outfit might be hazardous to your workout? You don’t want to spend the workout pulling up your leggings or making sure you’re not falling out of a loose top. Your outfit must be suitable for the type of exercise you’re doing, so you can feel good and stay safe.

Find Accessories to Make Your Workout Easier

There are all kinds of accessories that will make your workout more comfortable and a little easier. How about wireless earphones? If you like to listen to a playlist of your own as you workout, going wireless will stop the wires from getting in the way. If you’ve had injuries in the past or you’re recovering, something like a knee brace could be the right choice.

Warm Up And Cool Down

Warming up before your workout is crucial, but so many people get it wrong. Here’s how you should be warming up:

  • Dynamic exercises, such as star jumps and body weight squats.
  • A really light set of your first exercise.
  • A couple of minutes on a cardio machine to get your heart rate up.

Notice how warming up should not include stretches! Stretching a cold muscle is a bad idea. Stretch all you like after a workout to keep things supple and as pain free as possible, but don’t stretch before.

Just Get On With It!

Rather than spend your workout complaining and finding reasons to half-heart it, just get on with it. Focus on your exercises, listen to your playlist, and stay off your phone. Ideally you’ll be in and out of the gym in an hour, and it’ll feel like it goes so much quicker!

What’re Your Thoughts?

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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