How to Survive Thanksgiving

We all know the struggles of Thanksgiving. So many delicious foods, but the entire time standing there thinking ‘if I eat this my button is going to pop across the room.’ Which is why I decided to share 4 of my favorite tips on how to survive Thanksgiving.

Keep it in Perspective:

We’ve all read those bogus articles on how the average holiday meal is 7,000 calories, and the average person gains 10 pounds over the holiday season… Well, I’m about to tell you the truth on those. The average person doesn’t gain 10 pounds over the holiday. They only gain 1 pound, if that.

So remember that. You’re not going to go to sleep after your Thanksgiving mealĀ and wake up looking like a pumpkin.

Quit Being Strict on Yourself:

We all know that moment. You’re standing there looking at the table full of delicious looking food, and you automatically start making a list of foods you’ll avoid, or have very little of.

To this I say, loosen up the reins on your diet. Enjoying the food is okay. Say it with me now, ‘I will enjoy the food, not avoid it.’

The best way to not beat yourself up on this one is, make Thanksgiving your cheat day. Granted, “cheat day,” and “splurge fest” don’t mean the same thing. Just eat in moderation, and you’ll be okay.

Indulge in Foods You Don’t Normally Have:

For most us there are everyday food items as part of our Thanksgiving meal, and then there are foods that you only have on Thanksgiving. Which is why you should reserve your calories for those foods, instead of foods you eat every day.

For example: don’t eat a lot of mashed potatoes, but instead trade that for pumpkin pie later on. Things like that.

Remember it Didn’t Happen Overnight:

Whether you’ve lost weight, gained weight, anything in between. You didn’t reach the point you’re at in your fitness journey overnight.

You didn’t gain the weight you lost overnight, and you won’t regain it in a single meal. You won’t derail yourself from your fitness goals in a single meal either. Remember to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, and don’t beat yourself up over it.

My favorite way of phrasing that is:

One salad won’t make you lose weight, just like one slice of pizza won’t make you gain weight.

How do you stay on track during Thanksgiving?

Thank you for reading, and remember don’t be harsh on yourself, or deprive yourself of food. Just enjoy the day, and enjoy the food, and if your derail a bit. That’s okay. You’ll get back on track the day after Thanksgiving.

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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