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The Best Alternatives To Running – Get Your Daily Cardiovascular Exercise

Running or jogging is one of the most often suggested cardiovascular workouts. It’s not the only way that you can do your cardio for the day, however, as there are some alternatives. Diversity in exercise is always good, and you want to know your options. Here are the top suggestions for alternatives to running when it’s time for your daily cardiovascular exercise

One of the most popular cardio exercises is cycling. Weather can stop you from cycling outdoors, but you have an alternative solution. You can cycle indoors. Group cycling is fun, too, and there are even classes for that type of exercise. What’s great about this running alternative is that you have multiple options.

You can go to the gym and cycle alone, attend a group cycling class, get an extreme bike for your home or cycle outdoors along various routes. It’s great when your options fan out like that because you are better able to make adjustments to your workouts when necessary. You shouldn’t have any problems cycling when you want to do so. 

Cycling is just one of the alternatives to running for cardiovascular exercise though. You have many other options available to you as well. Have you seen the popular slide boards? They are popular for workouts, and what’s also great about them is they are quite compact. You can store them easily in a closet or against the wall. Even leaving them out in the open doesn’t require much space.

They make a nice addition to any home gym, and you can find them in public gyms, too. The slide boards are also rather inexpensive, which is good to know when you are trying to pursue exercise in a cost efficient manner. Are you thinking about getting a slide board for cardiovascular exercise?

This next suggestion is even more cost efficient. You might not want to do it indoors at home, but you can certainly do it outdoors and in a gym. Do you have a jump rope? Jumping rope is great cardiovascular exercise, and you can shake things up in a number of different ways. There are also various weighted ropes that you can buy.

You could even use ankle and wrist weights when jumping rope. You are likely to find out that there is a jump rope fitness class near you as well. So you can either jump rope by yourself, or you can do it in a group setting, just like with cycling. Add jumping rope to your list of possible exercises, and now it’s time to move on to the next suggestion. 

What is your reason for looking at alternatives to running when it comes to cardiovascular exercise? Diversification is important, and of course running also is going to find you pavement pounding. Pavement pounding mean that running outdoors is a high impact workout. That being said, you can run without that type of impact.

How do you accomplish that? You can run on a treadmill. Wrong. Treadmill pounding is the same thing, or similar. Therefore, it is what makes people sometimes give up on the running, as they think there is no way to run without such an impact. Yet there are always changing technologies when it comes to fitness equipment. In fact, there is a machine called the Octane Zero Runner.

Have you heard of this machine? By now, there might be similar machines that you can use to help you get a running workout with zero impact. There are elliptical trainers and other similar machines that you can use in a gym to get your cardiovascular exercise, too. It’s up to you what you use if you’re at the gym or working out in home, but you certainly have plenty of options.

If you like cycling, but you want to shake things up even further than the aforementioned suggestions, you might want to look at some of the other equipment that’s available, too. Have you heard of the Stridecore? What about the Streetsrider?

Playing sports is another way that you can get your cardiovascular exercise without running. How does shooting hoops sounds to you? If you like to play basketball, it’s a great form of cardiovascular exercise. You can shoot some hoops, and there are other sports you can play as well.

Some of the cardio equipment mentioned is also popular with certain group fitness classes. The cycling classes were already mentioned, but you might want to get a good look at what’s available to you in your area if you enjoy group exercise. You could also look into starting your own group if you would like. 

Swimming is another great suggestion. Swimming can be done during any season with the right setup. Do you have facilities available to you in your city where you can swim both indoors and outdoors? Swimming is a great cardio workout and a great full body workout. Another great aspect of swimming is it is great for people of all ages. 

Do you like going out on the water? If you have the option available to you, rowing is a great running alternative as well. Not only can you take up rowing out on the water, but there are also rowing machines for something a little different. If you want to try out rowing, it certainly is going to give you a big workout.

Then there is walking, too. You can go walking vs running. Running as mentioned requires pavement pounding without the right machine. That can have a negative impact on people’s joints and bodies in general, and so some people like to and even have to avoid running. Walking is a great alternative.

You now have many great suggestions for running alternatives when it’s time to get your cardiovascular exercise. You are always going to be able to shake things up. I like the group cycling suggestion and the swimming suggestion. There are also aerobics classes for cardiovascular exercise as well. Which running alternative are you wanting to pursue right now?



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