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There’s nothing like confidence to make life run smoother and easier for us. If we lack that, all else seems to be insufficient. If we lack that one integral part, it won’t matter how good we look, how skilled or successful we are. We’ll simply be too blind to notice any of it. When it comes to our bodies, getting in shape is quite a challenge mostly because it’s very easy to give up. We hit a bump on the road and then the whole effort seems wasted and silly, so we simply stop, give up, and get back to the old way. But is there a way to change that? Is there a way to finally get fit and boost our confidence? Absolutely, and we’re here to give you a few tips on how to do that.

Make it Easy for Yourself

If you have to trudge over half the city to get to the gym, hate the crowd who goes there, and have a trainer who doesn’t pay enough attention to you, then how on earth are you supposed to stick to it? If working out requires too much time, mental strain, and planning then you’re never going to stay consistent. Yes, you do need to get stubborn to stick to your plan, but you also need to be smart. So, make it easy. Go to a gym that’s near or work out at home, find the time where you’re unlikely to be bothered or interrupted, find a workout that you like.

Stop With the Negativity

In addition to training you to give up without trying and making you feel bad when there’s really no reason to, negative words and “I’m just so ugly” are merely… unproductive. It leads nowhere and you’re much better than that. Instead of “I can’t” and “I look awful,” why not try something like “I know I’m strong enough to reach the goals I want to reach.” Learn how to be confident and stick to it.

Pick Something You Like Doing

Gym not your thing? That’s cool, why not try dancing? Maybe you’d really enjoy the relaxation yoga provides, or maybe you’d be really into krav maga. Find something that excites you and find a good crowd to inspire you and you’ll keep coming back. It’s really all about that Australian approach here – Aussies are really fit, yet they don’t really have more average gym time than any other nation. So, how are their bodies so sexy? Well easy, they’ll surf, they’ll play volleyball, they’ll swim, they’ll hike. They’re outdoorsy and active and simply do what they like doing.

Forgive Failure

Sometimes you’re going to feel weak and you’re going to give in and eat that chocolate cake you promised you won’t touch. And you know what? This will keep happening occasionally, so stop sweating it. It’s not a big deal and it doesn’t mean your effort is ruined. Simply get back to good habits and relax. It’s okay to stumble sometimes.

Consult Professionals

With latest technological advancements, cosmetic procedures are now safer and easier to do, and they’re a good way to supplement your efforts. If you’ve been struggling with diets and exercising and you just can’t seem to lose those last few pounds, or if you’ve given birth and have a lot of loose skin, you can try a having a tummy tuck procedure to solve this problem. Similarly, if you’re worried about your tuberous breasts or have a different kind of imperfection that’s making you insecure, you can always talk to your doctor and ask for advice. You’re not alone in your struggles and if you want to try a treatment to help you out and make you feel better in your own skin, go for it.

Take the School Approach

You know how you always used to do better when you studied a little bit every day rather than cramming the whole night for a test that’s tomorrow? Yeah, well, exercise is kind of similar. Instead of working out two times a week for a long time, it’s actually a lot easier to exercise every day. The workout doesn’t need to be longer than 20-30 minutes, and this makes it both easy to fit into your schedule and it trains your body to get used to being active and to crave that daily workout.

Distract Yourself With Something Fun

A workout could be the perfect chance to listen to your favourite upbeat tunes, or to catch up on a show. Why not watch TV while you ride your stationary bike? Yes, being focused solely on exercise is great, but sometimes we just need a distraction and that’s okay.

Remember it’s a Lifestyle Change

And of course, while diet might not sculpt you and give you a toned body, it’s definitely the most important bit for actual weight loss. You need to create a calorie deficit to shed pounds, however, you need to have the right approach to it. Forget about fad diets and see a nutritionist if you can. Don’t starve yourself, don’t see dieting as something you’ll do only until you’ve lost excess weight. It’s a lifestyle change, it’s there to make you healthy.

Choose Healthy Over Skinny

It’s cool to go down a dress size, but if you turn your diet into “I want to be thin,” you’ll be disappointed. Rather than skinny, make your goal healthy. You want to feel good, you want to have strength. Trust us, once you adopt that attitude you’ll be a lot happier and look a lot better.

Here’s the gist of everything: you don’t have to be good at working out and dieting, you just have to do it. You’ll stumble and won’t always feel like you’re making progress, but stay consistent. That’s the real key here, simply being as consistent as possible and believing in yourself.

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Rethinking Your Confidence Issues: How To Focus On Solutions Rather Than Problems

We all have issues that affect our confidence. Perhaps you have body hang ups, or you dread speaking in public. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable in certain situations, but a lack of confidence can dictate the way you live. If you’re making resolutions, why not try and change the way you think? Rethinking your confidence issues will enable you to focus on solutions, rather than problems. Here are some tips to help you pinpoint problems, and find ways of overcoming them.

Body Confidence

At this time of year, most of us experience a dip in body confidence. We tend to overindulge at Christmas and slack off our exercise regime. Rather than concentrating on the numbers on the scales, or feeling miserable when you try your clothes on, think about how you can improve your body confidence.

If you know you want to lose weight and get in shape, get out there and do it. There’s no point in getting down about it if you’re not going to make the changes you know you need to enforce to get back on the right track. It’s not easy to shed those extra pounds, but if you know it will make you feel better, it’s worth the effort.

Put your energy into making yourself feel good rather than beating yourself up about gaining weight in the first place. Find a type of exercise you enjoy, and vary your workouts. Make healthy meals that taste good, rather than cutting out food groups or drastically limiting your food intake.

Try not to get carried away with weighing yourself. It’s better to judge your progress by how your clothes feel and your body looks.

Problem Areas

If you interviewed a roomful of people, you’d find that most people had at least one thing they would change about their appearance. Maybe you think your nose is too big or you’re self-conscious when it comes to smiling in public. If you can’t accept your flaws, and they affect you on a daily basis, look into possible solutions.

Do you have a missing tooth, for example? If so, there are treatments out there, such as bridges and dental implants, which can restore your smile, and make you feel confident again. Do you hate your nose? If so, it may be worth investigating cosmetic surgery.

It’s a big step to take, but it could change your life. Book a consultation, and find out everything you can about the procedure, and how it could impact the way you look and feel. With surgery, it’s essential to be sure that you’re taking the plunge for the right reasons. You should never feel pressured to do something for anybody else.

What’re Your Thoughts?

We all have imperfections. The trouble is that we tend to focus on them and we forget all about everything else. If you have confidence issues, try and reassess your mindset, and identify ways you can work on them. It’s about looking for solutions, rather than devoting all your energy to worrying about the issues that are setting you back.

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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