The Truth Behind Runner’s Myths

Hey lovelies, today I wanted to talk about my people. My people being runners, not Latinos because that’s a topic for another time. Runner’s get a lot of hate for reasons I don’t quite understand. However, I think it has to do with people not fully understanding the average runner, after all – I’ll admit it – we’re a crazy breed of people. Who runs x amount of miles, smiles, and says that was great. Here’s the truth behind runner’s myths that we’ve all heard.

Real Runners Only Wear Short-Shorts:

I’ll admit there are those runners who wear shorts just a bit shorter than they should, but those runners are like .01% of runners. The other 99.99% of runners don’t wear short-shorts. Plus what does short length have to do with being a ‘real runner’? That’s like saying ‘only real women have curves,’ like what are you getting at?

You Must Jog in Place at Stoplights:

I’d like to clear this up. The people you see bouncing up and down at stoplights because the no-crossing sign is up, typically aren’t runners. They’re joggers, and before you say something, there is a difference between joggers and runners.

The joggers bounce up and down, while the runners stand there hands on hips looking mad and upset.

Miles are All That Matter:

For some reason, you’re not a runner unless you’re running a marathon a week according to some. Like I’m sorry, does my 5k not count, because I’ve trained for it. Does my speed work to shave time off a mile not matter? What have you trained for in the past 2-3 months? The channel surfing Olympics… I know, I know. Too far. I’m sorry… kind of…

Runners are Loners:

Just because runners typically run by themselves doesn’t mean we’re lonely. Most of us use running as a way to unwind and relax, so, of course, we don’t want others to come with us. Plus when we do invite others, they typically give us some excuse like ‘they’re washing their hair that morning.’

Are you Carb-Loading For Your Upcoming Race?

I’ll admit there’s some truth to this is some cases. Typically runners will carb load before a race, but not the night before a race; carb-loading starts taking place a few weeks before the race. Because carb-loading the night before the race will do more harm than good since all of that extra spaghetti will still be in your gut weighing you down.

…But Running is Boring:

Is every run a jolly good time? No, not at all. I’d say I have more bad runs than good, but I’ve also spent the past year injured quite a bit, so 99% of that is my confidence isn’t there.

The key to a good run is to have a good playlist, and just focus on your run. Nothing else. Pay attention to your form, the music, and let everything else go.

Runners are Weird; They Even Have Their Own Slang :

When you’re a runner words/phrases like ‘fartlek,’ ‘LSD,’ ‘Hill Repeats,’ and ‘PR/PB,’ just seem normal. It’s not until somebody says ‘what?’ after you say one of these words that you then realize they’re not normal.

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Wait… I’m Having Fun; I Can’t Be a ‘Real Runner’:

Running is suppose to be fun. Plus most of it isn’t necessarily that the run itself is fun. It’s the running a little further than you did last time. Shaving a few seconds off of that mile. Running your first mile with no walking breaks. All of those small little victories, it’s those things that make running fun.

What’re Your Thoughts?

Anything else you’d add?


Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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