5 Tips to Overcome Body Image Insecurity

Hey lovelies, today we have a guest post from O.K. Jones over at yap.buzz. I believe learning to love your body is important, and something everyone young and old, girls and boys, men and women should learn to do. Here’s O.K. Jones 5 tips to overcome body image insecurity, enjoy!

Just a bit taller. Or a nip here and there. I wish this was smaller and this a bit rounder. I only want to change these 5 parts of me. I know we all have done it. We mentally dissect our bodies in the mirror drawing lines of areas we wish would vanish. It’s not just a once in a week ordeal but a daily struggle.

Over 90% of women are unhappy with their body and only 5% of women naturally possess the images depicted on t.v. The search for the ideal body image has become an epidemic in our society. We have created a society where beauty is dictated by social media and doesn’t accurately reflect the everyday woman. But body image insecurity can be curtailed with these simple tips.

Tip #1 :

Repeat after me. “I am beautiful.” Grab a post-it and right down these simple words. “I am beautiful just the way I am.” Then tape it to your mirror in your bathroom. Each morning when you wake up recite these words and when you head to bed, say them again. Body image starts from within. Its how we view ourselves that makes the ultimate difference.

Tip#2 :

Cut out the nay-sayers in your life. Be mindful of the company that you keep. We all have a group of friends who find enjoy those just kidding jokes that jabs at your figure. “Hello Miss thunder thighs, oh I am just kidding.” Well find them and cut them out of your life.

The friends who make jokes about your body image while simultaneously destroying your personal esteem need to be eliminated. Sometimes the people around you can be detrimental to your personal body image esteem. Healthy body image starts from within but don’t let negativity become the standard in your life.

Tip #3 :

Cut down on social media. Spend less time flipping through Instagram or Facebook pictures and spend more time on yourself. Cutting out the excess time you spend on social media will help you build a better grasp on your personal body image. The images you find on Instagram or Facebook probably went through rounds and round of editing before it was posted. The slender figure, the unscathed thighs, and perfectly blemish free faces are more than likely not real. Cut back on social media to gain a peace of mind.

Tip #4 :

Limit your T.V. time. You may not know it but there are millions of subliminal messages going on each time you turn on the t.v. Every commercial, advertisement, or preview is loaded with unnatural images to dictate the standard of beauty. As an experienced marketing guru, I understand it because I put it there. We create feelings and highlight body image on the t.v. to share OUR standard of beauty. Limit your t.v. time and spend more time building you. Just cutting t.v. down to 2 hours a day can make a drastic change.

Tip #5 :

Stop comparing yourself. We all do it. When so and so announces a new engagement or even work promotion, we immediately begin analyzing and comparing our lives to theirs. Its human nature. But lets not make this the standard. Decrease the amount of time you compare yourself to someone else by cutting back on social media and t.v. Stop spending hours rummaging through someone else’s posts just to see “what they are up too.” Its hard but comparing doesn’t create an accurate picture or help when building your self-esteem.

If you expect to wake up tomorrow and begin to love your flaws and all, then think again. These simple body image tips are a part of a long process which need continuous conscience support. Each day you will face yourself in the mirror and need to pick your self up again. Over time it will become easier but until then, follow these simple steps diligently and daily to build your body image confidence.

What’re your thoughts?

About the author :

O.K Jones is a weekly columnist on yap.buzz. She enjoys long walks on the beach, traveling, and making everyone laugh through cynical truthful jokes. She is not a writer by any means but loves getting her thoughts humor.

Ally Gonzales is the founder & editor-in-chief of RunningSoleGirl. Along with blogging she is also juggling attending college and majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Sports Management minor.

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