Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Millennials

With cosmetic surgery no longer the social no-no it used to be, delegated to those who could buy both the procedure and the privacy needed to keep it a secret, the number of both people opting for it have risen and the demographics of those have changed.

Today, more and more millennials are the ones who are opting for cosmetic surgery for one reason or the other- from medical reasons to aesthetic reasons. The rise in numbers are also from the wide acceptance of “getting work done”- where it used to be mostly women with a few men here or there, it is now acceptable for both men and women to choose a cosmetic surgery.

Luckily, technology advancements and demand have shiftedwhat was once a high risk and expensive option to a safer and more affordabledecision to make. Granted, there are still some risks associated with anycosmetic surgery along with a decent price tag- it’s just no longer soexclusive or risky. So what are the most popular cosmeticsurgery procedures for millennials?

Breast augmentation

It would be easy to say that breastimplants have always been the most popular across all age ranges inthe cosmetic surgery department. In the past, there were some health risksassociated with it that have been reduced as better materials are used andprocedures are refined.  The quality ofbreast implants have also gone up which has reduced safety concerns, improvedthe quality, provided a more natural looking breast implant, and helped lessenthe need for a removal years down the road. While most focus on going up insize, it is also useful to reduce the size of the breast in the case of backpain or health concern cases. While there wouldn’t be a breast implant used inthis case, the result is a hanged breast size.


Always a popular choice, liposuction helps shape the body and remove extra or unwanted fat from target areas. It’s growing in popularity with the younger generation as a way to shed weight without all the work of exercising and adhering to a strict diet. Most people think of liposuction for abdominal fat, but it can be performed on various other body areas that are storing excess fat. As technology has advanced, so has the liposuction procedure with options that are more targeted and less traumatic to the body.

Nose Surgery

Also known as rhinoplasty, millennials have no problem getting their nose job on. Partly due to the social media rise (as all of these could be attributed to in some way) and the acceptance of plastic surgery. Nose jobs can also help with breathing issues or reconstruction after an accident to restore the nose, and ultimately the face, in the case of major damage.

Tummy Tucks

Commonly lumped in with liposuction but a slightly different procedure more popular amongst the young mothers crowd or those who have lost drastic amounts of weight, tummy tucks (or abdominoplasty) can be performed to improve the appearance of the stomach while also being able to repair abdominal wall damage. Excess skin is also removed in this procedure, making it an option for those who have undergone gastric bypass surgery or lost a lot of weight. Another benefit to this procedure is the abdominal separation that can happen after pregnancy and birth resulting in muscle weakness or coning can also be repaired if necessary.

Breast Lift

Not to be confused with the more popular breast implant procedure, a breast lift simply raises sagging breast tissue without changing the size. Breast tissue tends to sag with age and can be dramatically changed after child birth and breast feeding which can lead to body confidence issues in young mothers, especially with the idea of a perfect body constantly plastered on social media.  

There are a multitude of other cosmetic procedures that are less invasive as they don’t involve surgery, lowering the price of the procedure and the recovery time. The cosmetic surgeries above do have significant recovery time for proper healing to happen. Remember, it will take some time for you to recover and get back to your normal daily activities and even longer to get back to your exercise routine (if you had one) and there may be special considerations to keep in mind.

No matter what your reasons for choosing to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure-from breast implants to liposuction, it is always best to thoroughly research your options before deciding to dive in. Once you’ve decided, having a consultation with a reputable clinic will provide you with all the information you need and allow for you to voice any concerns or ask any questions that you may have. Most of all, if the procedure is for cosmetic reasons, have a heart to heart with yourself so you do it for the right reasons. Reading up on body positivity and confidence along with adopting some healthy habits prior will improve both your self-image and recovery time.

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