Top Tips for Recovery After Missing the Gym From Sickness

Going through a rough sickness period can always wear you out and have you feeling rather lethargic. As a result, your time in the gym is cut short. On your way back to full fitness, your thoughts may start to turn back to going to the gym but it can be a struggle to start off again. Exercising at the gym may help with recovering your strength after going through an illness but it’s important to listen to your body when considering when to go back and the intensity of your workouts. There are also ways you can help your recovery period on your way back.

The Type Of Illness You Have Will Determine Your Return Date

Depending on the type of illness you have, it will play a key role in how long it takes you to get back to the gym. You’ll have to consider others as well as yourself in this instance as having a contagious illness will affect others in the gym too. Stay clear from the gym until the risk of passing on the germs has passed. Viral infections can also affect your performance in the gym as it can weaken your muscles. There are several medicines and probiotic tablets you can take to help speed up your recovery, but generally, unless you have a minor cold exercise will only be possible.

Picking The Right Time To Return

As well as the type of illness that you have, the symptoms of the illness will also determine the right time you should go back. It’s ideal to wait until you’re fully recovered before heading back to the gym. It’s important to wait for extreme symptoms such as vomitting, general aches and excessive coughing to fully disappear as it can be quite harmful to your body if you continue to exercise. To make sure you can make the most of your time at the gym, go back when you feel energised and can complete a workout. At most, you can always consult with your GP about whether or not you can return.

How To Go About Your First Workout

Your body won’t be in the same shape as it was when you were consistently going to the gym before your illness. It would have gone through a lot of stress and pain which would have made your muscles weaker. Have the mindset of completing a small, light workout compared to the workouts you were doing before. In doing so, it can ease your body back into a normal routine without the risk of feeling nauseous or dizzy quickly. It may also be worth taking more recovery days in your first couple of weeks than what you normally do so your body has more time to recover.

Other Tips

If you normally perform high-intensity workouts at the gym, it’s recommended that you should take at least two weeks off to fully recover. As you get back into your routine, increase your intensity slowly with each workout. Just make sure that you keep note of how your body is feeling and if there are any signs that your body is struggling. When recovering from illness, your body can appear inconsistent, where some days your body will allow you to perform an intense workout other days you won’t be able to. Be flexible in how you approach your training in the first couple of weeks of getting back

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