Delta-8 & Drug Tests: Read This Before You Start Taking Delta-8 THC, North Carolina

Since medical marijuana’s legal status has changed over the past couple of years, many medical marijuana products are hitting the market every day. And one of the hemp-derived cannabinoids gaining popularity is delta-8 THC.

This unique cannabinoid offers psychoactive effects and can get people high. On top of that, it’s readily available in most smoke shops and dispensaries in the state.

But before taking delta-8 THC products, it’s important to check if it will pop up on a drug test.

After all, positive drug test results can have a huge impact on a person’s life. So, let’s look at whether or not delta-8 THC pops up on a drug test and some of the factors to consider if you need to undergo a drug test while taking delta-8.

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What Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is present in many medical marijuana products. But what is it?

Delta-8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp plants. This is a psychoactive substance that has a very similar chemical structure to delta 8 THC North Carolina, which is the cannabinoid that gets people high. The cannabinoid is derived from the plant cannabis sativa, and it’s known to offer a “milder” and more manageable high than delta-9 THC.

That said, this is still a controlled substance in North Carolina. On top of that, you can’t extract delta-8 by processing hemp plants. Since cannabinoid occurs in such low concentrations, manufacturers need to extract them through synthetic means.

Typically, manufacturers use CBD products extracted from raw hemp plant material. They take the hemp-derived CBD and put it through multiple processes to create delta-8 THC. From there, they mix the delta-8 with other products that are fit for animal or human consumption.

Does Delta-8 THC Show Up on a Drug Test?

Since delta-8’s chemical structure is very similar to delta-9 THC, it will most likely show up on a drug test. Not all drug tests check for THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. However, most of the drug tests for employment and roadside tests look for THC in a person’s system.

If you’ve been taking delta-8 in North Carolina, it will probably show up on a drug test. So, before you buy these recreational marijuana products, make sure that you won’t be taking a drug test anytime soon. Or, at the very least, make sure that the facility won’t test for THC. You can read about Interested in Delta 8? Here Are All the Ways to Take It Safely by clicking here.

How Long Does Delta 8 Stay in Your System?

It’s important to understand how long delta-8 THC stays in your system. This allows you to plan out what to do if you need to take a drug test and calculate the likelihood of testing positive.

That said, delta-8 can stay in your system as short as two days but as long as a few months. Various factors affect how long delta 8 stays in your system, and we’ll explain all of these factors in the section below.

How Much and How Often You Take It

The first factor that affects how long delta-8 stays in your system is how much you take and how often you take it. For example, if you took a few hits of a delta-8 vape pen a few days ago and have no history of prior use, then it will probably leave your system in a few days.

However, if you’re a regular delta-8 user and take the substance every day and in large amounts, then it increases the time the compound stays in your system. In some cases, delta-8 can linger in your system for as long as a few weeks if you use it a lot.

Testing Method

All hemp-derived cannabinoids can appear on a drug test. However, the likelihood of testing positive on a drug test largely depends on the testing method.

For example, delta-8 from the hemp plant stays in your urine for a few weeks maximum. So, most urine drug tests won’t detect delta-8 THC if you didn’t take any delta-8 in the past couple of weeks.

However, delta-8 THC can stay for months in your hair and blood. So, if the center is conducting a blood or hair test, the THC can stay for a much longer time.

Your Metabolism

Another major factor when determining how long delta-8 from hemp products stays in your system is your metabolism. If you have a fast metabolism, then the THC won’t last too long in your system. But if you have a slow metabolism, there’s a high chance the THC will stay for much longer. Visit to read more about Metabolism.

Intake Method

Different intake methods affect how long THC stays in your system. Generally, THC stays in your system longer if you eat the cannabinoid as opposed to smoking it. This is an important consideration if you need to take a drug test soon.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in North Carolina?

Delta-8 is on the North Carolina controlled substances list. However, this cannabinoid is legal under federal law. The Farm Bill made hemp products with less than 0.3% THC federally legal, which is why you can buy CBD gummies and other hemp-derived cannabinoids in North Carolina.

That said, delta-8 THC products are still controlled substances. And in many cases, drug tests will look for THC in your system. Since delta-8 shares many qualities with delta-9 THC, there’s a high chance that a drug test will detect delta-8.


If you’re in North Carolina, you can smoke and take delta-8. However, most drug tests still test for THC and delta-8 will produce a positive result. Before taking delta-8 in North Carolina, it’s very important to consider this. That way, you can reduce the chances of turning up an undesirable result on your next drug test.

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