The idea of detox is surrounded by stigma, mainly in part due to brands selling products that actually do very little. The truth is, you don’t need teas, pills, shakes, or any other kind of special product to remove toxins from your system because your body does an excellent job of this itself. However, that doesn’t mean the detoxing process is redundant. Cleansing your body every now and again can help you break your sugar or caffeine addiction. It can help to ‘reset’ your appetite if you’ve had a period of indulgence lately. And if it’s done right, it can provide your body with nourishment and hydration. Ditch the detox drinks; here’s the healthy way to detox, and cleanse your system!


A healthy detox generally involves a few days of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Cutting out fried and fatty foods, alcohol, salt, sugar, dairy, and grains can help your body feel much lighter. Load up on plenty of fresh, healthy fruits and veggies, how you decide to consume them is up to you. Some people believe a juice cleanse made with healthy home-pressed juices works for them. You might choose to eat the fruits and veggies raw or lightly cook or steam them. You could blend up different things into a healthy, vitamin-rich smoothie if you struggle to eat large portions of plain fruit and veg. Get a good mixture of different colorful pieces for the best result, which will really help to replenish your body.


Most of us are dehydrated without even realizing it, which isn’t great since every organ and process in our bodies require water! During your detox spend time rehydrating your body by sipping water throughout the day. It will help to flush out your system and again leave you feeling lighter and cleaner. You could go a step further and drink water poured from an alkaline filter jug. There are many benefits of alkaline water; first of all, it helps to reduce the acidity in our bodies. Acidity is responsible for everything from heart attacks to digestive issues to weakened immune systems and much more. Many of the things we eat and drink can cause our bodies to become too acidic- fizzy drinks, fried food, and most of the things we already know are bad for us. Cutting down on these along with drinking alkaline water can help to stop these negative occurrences from happening.


When you’re doing a detox and only consuming fruits and veggies, you won’t want to be doing anything too strenuous. Especially if you’re breaking caffeine and sugar addictions since your body is likely to feel weak and you might get dizzy. However, some light exercise is really beneficial. Activities like walking and yoga will all get your body moving, and help your body get rid of any not-so-nice chemicals in your body from unhealthy food and drinks.


How often do you detox your body? Is this something that’s part of your healthy lifestyle?

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