Interested in Delta 8? Here Are All the Ways to Take It Safely

If you’re interested in taking Delta 8, North Carolina is full of options. The state is full of medical marijuana products for animal or human consumption. That said, before taking delta 8 and other hemp-derived cannabinoids, it’s important to understand the different ways to take it.

There are many ways to take medical and recreational marijuana in North Carolina. And for the best experience, it’s important to choose the best intake method for your needs and lifestyle.

To give you an idea of the right method for you, we’ve created an ultimate guide to consuming delta-8 THC.

Below, we look at all the ways you can consume Delta-8 North Carolina, the effects of delta-8, and how you can purchase top-quality delta-8 products for yourself!

So, let’s get into it.

Does Delta 8 Get You High?

Before we get into the ways you can take delta-8, let’s look at the effects of taking delta-8.

Unlike CBD products, delta-8 THC is psychoactive. This cannabinoid has a very similar chemical structure to delta-9 THC, which is the compound that gets people high. So, if you’re looking for some psychoactive effects with your hemp products, delta-8 THC could be exactly what you need.

That said, delta-8 isn’t an exact copy of delta-9. Both come from the plant cannabis sativa, but there’s a slight difference in the effects of these two types of THC, primarily the fact that delta-8 is about three-tenths percent of the potency of delta-9.

So, you can expect a much milder and more manageable high when taking delta-8 products compared to delta-9.

How Can You Take Delta 8, North Carolina?

Delta-8, unlike other medical marijuana products, can get you high. This is why delta-8 is becoming very popular, especially in areas where delta-9 THC is illegal.

But how are you supposed to take delta-8?

Well, if you go to smoke shops and dispensaries, you’ll find a wide range of delta-8 options, each of which can be taken differently.

So, let’s look at all the ways you can take these hemp-derived cannabinoids if you’re in North Carolina and the effects of these different intake methods.


Oral intake is one of the safest and most popular ways to take this psychoactive substance. When processing hemp plants, manufacturers can extract and synthesize delta-8 that they can mix with a carrier oil that you can take orally.

You’ve probably seen delta-8 gummies on the market recently. These are little snacks that are infused with delta-8 oil, which can get you high. When you take delta-8 orally, it takes around an hour or two before you start feeling the effects.

However, when you take delta-8 orally, you can also experience stronger and longer-lasting effects.

On top of that, gummies aren’t the only ways to take delta-8 orally. You can opt for pure delta-8 oil, capsules, and other edible products. So you can easily find the right option for your tastes and preferences. Click here to read about Delta-8 & Drug Tests: Read This Before You Start Taking Delta-8 THC, North Carolina.


Another way to take delta-8 THC and other hemp-derived products is by smoking. Typically, this is done by smoking the hemp flower through a pipe, bong, or in joints. When you smoke delta-8 THC, the effects are almost instant. However, they will not last as long compared to when you take the cannabinoid orally.

On top of that, smoking is the most dangerous way to take delta 8 THC. This is because smoking requires you to inhale large and harmful particles that can damage your lungs. So, if you want to take your cannabis products safely, you might want to avoid smoking.


Another option for users in North Carolina is vaping their delta 8 THC products. When you vape the products, you use much lower temperatures, so you aren’t inhaling as many harmful compounds.

You can either vape delta-8 flowers or concentrated extracted from marijuana plants. There are even disposable delta 8 vapes available right now that are discreet and very easy to use.


If you want, you can buy topical delta-8 THC products. To use these products, all you have to do is rub the cream into your skin to absorb the cannabinoids directly into your body.

How Are Delta 8 THC Products Manufactured?

While delta-8 naturally occurs in the hemp plant, you can’t efficiently extract large amounts of delta-8 from the plant. This is why most manufacturers use synthetic means to create delta-8 THC. Typically, this is done with hemp-derived CBD, which is then treated to create delta-8 THC that manufacturers can extract and add to different products.

Is Delta 8 THC Safe?

While delta-8 technically comes from raw hemp plant material, not all products are created properly. It’s important to buy delta 8 hemp products from a reputable store or brand. That way, you know that the hemp products are extracted safely to reduce the risks of taking delta-8. You can also read about Australia’s mental health services by visiting

How Do I Buy Delta 8 in North Carolina?

Delta 8 is legal under federal law. Under the farm bill, cultivating and processing industrial hemp became legal at the federal level. This is why North Carolina residents can easily buy delta-8 hemp products.

No state or federal law in North Carolina states you need a medical card to purchase delta-8. Instead, all you need to do to buy this controlled substance is be 18 years or older. Once you meet this requirement, you can purchase delta-8 from a smoke shop or local stores in North Carolina that sell marijuana.


There’s no question about the legal status of delta-8. While it’s on the list of North Carolina controlled substances, you can legally purchase this cannabinoid. However, there are many ways to take delta-8 cannabis in North Carolina. It’s important to choose the right method for you. That way, you have the best experience.

Additionally, it’s best to only get naturally-derived delta-8 that comes from cannabis plants. Remember, delta-8 THC products are controlled substances. And if you want the best experience, it’s important that you only buy high-quality products from trusted North Carolina stores.

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