Put Your ‘Gym Fear’ To Bed: Exercise While Feeling Great!

If you’ve not worked out in a while or are trying a new activity, it can leave you feeling a little self-conscious. Many people speak about ‘gym fear’ or ‘gym anxiety, ’ and it’s no wonder really. Going into an unfamiliar place where everyone looks great, makes working out appear effortless, and knowing exactly what they’re doing can leave you feeling a little insecure. But don’t fret, pushing out of your comfort zone and taking these steps shows you’re trying. And who knows, in a few months you could be one of those making it look easy! If you need a bit of motivation or help with your confidence when it comes to working out, here are a few things to try.

Wear Flattering Clothes

Having the right clothes on really can make all the difference. If you’re happy with how you look and like what you’re wearing it can give you the motivation to get out there and stop your insecurities from holding you back. You could look at a site that sells gym clothing and browse through the different styles. A good sports bra, some slimming workout leggings or yoga pants, and a well-cut workout top will flatter most figures and give you the confidence you need to get out there and do your thing!

Go With a Friend

Maybe you’ve not ventured into the gym for a while, or are taking a new class. Perhaps you want to start running but are a little overwhelmed at the thought of going out in public. In these cases, going with a friend can be really beneficial. Even if you’re both new to it, being with someone else can give you the reassurance you need. You’ll probably find that once you’ve been the first time you’re happy to go out on your own from then on if you need to.

Once you’ve checked out the gym and familiarized yourself with the equipment, done one class and got through it, or been on a run without incident you’ll know you’re just fine. Getting out there the first time is always the hardest part; so grab a like-minded friend and rope them into trying out something new with you! Eventually, it will become a part of your lifestyle and something you don’t think twice about.

Work Out From Home

If you feel far too conscious to work out in public and know that having a friend with you or the right outfit won’t help; you could always work out at home instead. Setting up a home gym or following an exercise DVD/ Youtube video gives you privacy and you still get all of the benefits of the exercise. You could always aim to begin working out at home, and venture to a gym or class once you feel more confident. Either way, working out from home is certainly better than not working out at all. So if this is what you’re happy doing, then go for it!

By admin