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Guest Post: 3 Ways to Stay Healthy While Watching Netflix

TV on demand can be massively addictive. I wouldn’t want to go so far as to call it entertainment heroin, but there has been scientific research which has claimed it is a physical addiction. Whatever the truth about the science, we all know that once we get hooked on a show, it is all too easy to watch episode after…

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Here’s How You’re Going To Stop Smoking In 2017

So, we exercise regularly and eat well, which necessarily equates to us being super healthy with crazy fit bodies right? Nope! If only it were that easy. The exercise is the easy part, and once you’ve trained yourself to eat well, that’s not too tricky either. But unfortunately, it’s the things we put into our mouth which we don’t eat…

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Your Body Doesn’t Take The Weekend Off

Health worries plague the majority of us. No matter what’s going on upstairs, or how hard we try to control our brains, our bodies can often remain a mystery. You think you’re eating the right thing, but you still don’t feel too good, or you think you’re doing the right kind of workout, but your body doesn’t look the way…

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What Are The Benefits of Core Slider Disc Workouts

Slider discs are one the smallest and cheapest pieces of exercise equipment available. Now you might have confused them for the discs you put under furniture to help move it, but these discs can broaden your range of exercises while reducing your risk of injury. They also work your core and abs a lot differently than your typical exercises. Here…

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Guest Post: Heart and Diabetes Issues Caused by Poor Oral Hygiene

Even though not all people take good care of their teeth; probably more of them would become more active if they knew what sorts of problems bad teeth can produce. It’s not all about good looks and making an excellent first impression. Although that’s quite important as well and something you shouldn’t neglect – but about the overall health status…

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Small Changes That Make A Big Impact On Your Health

Our lifestyles have a lot to answer for; it’s not always that easy to stay healthy and happy all of the time. The modern world has given us some great gifts that benefit our lives, but also some bad ones. Typically, we are less active than ever, and we rely a lot on technology, comfort, and ease.

5 Fun Activities That Are Actually Great Workouts

Working out doesn’t have to be all about slogging it at the gym, spin classes, and circuit training, although they certainly have their time and place. Exercise can also be fun, exciting, or just plain silly. Here are some fun activities that are workouts that you can try your hand at, and get a great workout in the process.

Guest Post: 5 Workouts to Do in Your Backyard

Staying fit and physically active is very important for our overall health, not to mention the ideal appearance. With constant workout sessions, one can combat different issues a lot easier. It is well-known that exercises boost the immune system, makes the joints more flexible, helps us get rid of toxins, lift up energy levels, etc. In order to create an…

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Battling A Bladder Infection

If you are suffering from a bladder infection, it can slow down your routine. There are ways to deal with the discomfort and get on with your active life!

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